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GameCredits (GAME)

GameCredits (GAME) - Gaming Coin

GameCredits is a coin that allows you to buy games and virtual goods without deposit limits, higher blockchain security and less fees...
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GameCredits's current price is $0.040 USD. In the past 24 hours, GameCredits's price has increased by +0.9 percents..
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GameCredits (GAME)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
26.9 million
Total Supply
100.0 million
Max Supply
100.0 million
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Gaming Coin
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  • Less fees than other games outlets
  • Has the ability to make money for GC and coin holders.


  • Play/app store is fully functional and very large.
  • No refunds


GameCredits(GC) is a coin that you can make and receive payments on for either making/selling games or buying games. This includes things like micro payments, keys, skins, chests and season passes.

They claim to pay the publishers in much less time than the current play store and App store. Times under 60 hours instead of 60 days.

GC will only take 10% of the revenue of the sale price of the game, compeared to the 30% of places like google. Around 30% is the typical amount for google. I think for some things 30% is overpriced, google does give a very good service and will make instant refunds. But on games and apps I feel this service should be around 10-20% depending on the price of the app/game

It seems like there might be some corruption on how the games are listed on the play/app store. I do not have any hard facts but it seems like games that make big returns get prioritized over games that have a better experience. But this could just be misguided information, and this could be a null point if GameCredits do the same thing to boost earnings over user experience.

Company Message

One in three humans play video games. It’s a $100B industry. The GameCredits currency and virtual wallet lets gamers and developers buy and sell games and in-game items faster, safer and more privately than with credit cards.


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