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Genesis Vision (GVT)

Genesis Vision (GVT) - together but split

Genesis Vision aims to bring traders, brokers, investors and exchanges together in a single decentralized blockchain platform. Its core goal is to increase transparency...
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Genesis Vision's current price is $0.150 USD. In the past 24 hours, Genesis Vision's price has increased by +5.0 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Genesis Vision (GVT)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
4.4 million
Total Supply
4.4 million
Market cap
Fun Name
together but split
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  • Working product


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Legal issues
  • Bad track record


Genesis Vision aims to bring traders, brokers, investors and exchanges together in a single decentralized blockchain platform. Its core goal is to increase transparency, combat lack of information and lack of trust between each participant, making the financial market even more global and the conventional investing model even more interactive.

The Genesis Vision Project, based out of Russia, manage to raise over $2 800 000 dollars during the duration of their ICO.

  • Managers and Funds
  • Investors
  • Brokers

The Genesis Vision ecosystem is built around its participants, with the first ones being Managers.
Management funds, or individual traders with proven trading history and records can use the Genesis Vision platform to acquire funds from investors. The profit received as a result of managing those funds is then shared between the managers and investors, with managers receiving a commission and a success fee. The platform can be used to promote the trading strategies and attract more investors, as well as increase investor confidence due to the guaranteed transparency.

Investors do not participate in the market directly, instead they transfer their funds to experienced traders who manage their money for them. Investors can choose between managers from all over the world, with information about their performance and profit statistics available in one place. There’s a plethora of diverse trading portfolios, suited for both the conservative and high-risk investors.

Brokers are the third participants in the Genesis Vision ecosystem, having the appropriate licenses to perform brokerage activities. Brokers can employ various marketing approaches of attracting managers and investors, and participation is free, without requiring the broker to disclose any information about his or hers client base.

Firstly, while the team has a lot of software developers, no one seems to have sufficient blockchain experience and the use of their token in the ecosystem really looks more like an extra step in an already complicated project. They also have rather poor presentation, as going through all the buzzwords and tech babble can take quite a bit of time before one could actually figure what their project does.


Overall, Genesis Vision sounds very good on paper but the real project is rather underwhelming. They do have a working product but all the managers on their site seem to have really poor performance and there’s also a bigger issue. Despite not on the blockchain, a similar platform with a large user base known got a cease and desist letter from the SEC and their domain got seized by the FBI, so legal compliance is very important when it comes to fund managing platforms like these, which definitely put’s Genesis Vision’s future at a crossroad.


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