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GXChain (GXC)

GXChain (GXC) - Personal Platform

The GXChain (GXC) is a decentralized data market place that has been created to provide assistance in the storing and exchange of personal information. It is already serving hundreds of Chinese enterprises..
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GXChain's current price is $0.310 USD. In the past 24 hours, GXChain's price has decreased by -7.2 percents..
Name (Ticker)
GXChain (GXC)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
75.0 million
Total Supply
100.0 million
Market cap
23.1 million
Fun Name
Personal Platform
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  • Secure data exchange
  • Data Storage
  • Possible income


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)


The revolution and evolution of blockchain technology has made it possible for people to use money in a variety of ways. They are able to enter into transactions that are not controlled in a market that is not regulated. However, not everyone knows about this new technology. Here is a brief look at GXChain (GXC).

The third component is the Developer Component which supports a number of development forms such as blockchain as a service and smart contracts and KYC and more. The transactions are processed at lightning fast speeds and supports new assets or token types.


To conclude, we can rely on the GXChain (GXC) to succeed because it uses the right strategic partnerships including China Mobile. In addition, the GXChain (GXC) has received investment from many different Chinese investment agencies. Its stable token points to the fact that this coin will gain in value once other cryptocurrency values recover.

Private Key Money From Data Control Information Popular Coin

Private Key

Users can access this information with a private key and so exercise complete control over their information. To make things easy for users, the GXChain (GXC) has created a General ID or G-ID verification systems that they can use to issue their very own one of a kind G-ID that secures their information and prevents others from tampering with this information.
The GXChain (GXC) uses three very unique technological components which is known as CBD or Customer, Business, Developer.

The Customer component goes by the name of BlockCity and is a mobile app on the GXChain that allows users to control as well as manage their personal information. The second component is the decentralized data marketplace or the Business Component which offers a host of benefits including privacy protection and keeping your id anonymous as well as providing protection against frauds.

Money From Data

Till the advent of GXChain (GXC), it was not possible for individuals to earn money off their own data. The GXChain (GXC) is trying to provide solutions by initially obtaining the consent of users to store and collect their information and then put this information on a blockchain that cannot be deleted.

Control Information

The GXChain (GXC) on the other hand tries to give control to people over their own information and allows them to legally monetize this information. There are tons of applications and organizations that today are engaged in collecting and selling user information. They do not have to sell this information directly but can use it to make money for themselves.


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