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Horizen (ZEN)

Horizen (ZEN) - Horizen

The people behind Horizen (ZEN) know that people want more privacy. They know that living in a highly regulated and watched society means we could easily be deprived of our human r..
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Horizen's current price is $8.100 USD. In the past 24 hours, Horizen's price has decreased by -1.1 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Horizen (ZEN)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
13.8 million
Total Supply
13.8 million
Max Supply
21.0 million
1.9 million
Market cap
111.4 million
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  • Privacy
  • Nameless


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Possible regulation


If you are worried about privacy, then it makes sense for you to find out more about Horizen (ZEN). After Edward Snowden’s revelations, we have all come to realize that NSA collects and monitors all our communications. With it collecting more than a few billion calls and emails on a daily basis, we do need to be worried about privacy. This is where Horizen (ZEN) comes in.


Horizen (ZEN) is a platform that holds a lot of promise. Its basic protocol involves some very cutting-edge technologies including Zk-snark and this technology is playing a major role in facilitating private transactions. In the growing privacy coin market it holds a lot of promise and is worth checking out.

What Sets It Apart Launched year 2017 Encrypted Nameless Money

What Sets It Apart

The thing that sets Horizen (ZEN) apart is it is very secure and the transactions are properly shielded and in this way user identity is completely shielded. Horizen (ZEN) has three main systems behind it including ZenChat and ZenPub as well as ZenHide. The former is there to ensure that no wallet can be taken advantage of till date. ZenPub is an anonymous document publishing platform which uses IPFS. ZenHide on the other hand allows for circumnavigating the crypto-currency blocking.


Horizen (ZEN) has descended from Zcash and so has many of the same features as are found in Zcash. The most important benefit of using Horizen (ZEN) is that all your transactions will be kept completely private. Of course, the chain does not contain many features that were part of the original chain. There is also no founders-tax included in the protocol.

Launched year 2017

Horizen (ZEN) was launched in the year 2017 and at that time it was a fork in the Zcash platform called Zclassic. Those of you who owned Zclassic before the block eleven thousand would receive Zencash in the ratio of one is to one.

When Horizen (ZEN) was created, it allowed for outsourcing in a decentralized manner. The team are now engaged in building into the protocol a decentralized autonomous Organization or DAO. DAO became popular in the year 2016 but after a serious hack brought down that first DAO, it led to the formation of Ethereum Classic.

Horizen (ZEN) in 2018 has changed name from ZenCash (ZEN), They have also updated the website and other social to suit.

Encrypted Nameless Money

It is the first ever TLS end to end encrypted nameless money network and messaging service. It is also a premier platform for content and in addition it also happens to be a decentralized autonomous organization. Horizen know that people want more privacy and they know that living in a highly regulated and watched society means we could easily be deprived of our human rights. We should be worried about property ownership and privacy as well as free association and we need access to information without refrain.


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