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Hshare or Hcash is a currency designed as an open source and decentralized platform. It not only allows transfer between blockchains and block-less Cryptocurrencies but also within the blockchains.

Our Joke Name

Hshare = Open platform

Basic Intro

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Exchange Ticker (HSR)

Coin or Token

Circulating Supply (43 Million)

Total Supply (84 Million)

Block time (Under 60 seconds)

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Hshare or Hcash is a Cryptocurrency designed as an open-source and decentralized platform. It not only allows transfer between blockchains and block-less Cryptocurrencies but also within the blockchains. This cryptocurrency supports private transactions, the new Quantum Resistance and DAO governance.
Its tokens are called HSR. This platform is supported by many other top contenders including HashToken, Bit-Z, Allcoin, and Binance.


  • Works with both block and block-less Cryptocurrencies.
  • Uses Quantum Resistance.
  • Transactions can be public and completely private.
  • Uses PoW & PoS for verification.
  • It assures quick transactions.

Blockless AND Blockchain Cryptocurrency

Many currencies like Etherium and Bitcoin work on blockchains. Mining is used to make blocks in series. Each block holds an individual log of transactions. But these currencies have no way of communicating with each other within themselves. To each other they are unique. If a transfer I required, exchange services are used. As the database proficiently increases, so do the problems associated with it.
Furthermore, other currencies like IOTA and Byteball have block-less platforms. A something called Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) cryptography is used for verification.

Blockchain Currencies were made so as to provide an alternative to banking with lower charges and removing centralized authority. But with the requirement of exchange services to transfer between cryptocurrencies, the sum that was saved has now been used up. Not to mention that it’s extremely slow and has a central authority.

Hcash works as a dual side-chain currency network. It is designed to have to networks. One for the Blockchains and one for the DAG currencies. One network provides information and value for other blockchain platforms. The other shares assets for DAG systems.
It is a fast and easy solution for all your transactions and transfers.

Quantum Resistance

Quantum computing is the most advanced form of computing to-date. It offers multiple solutions to a single problem. Unlike modern computing of “0” and “1” quantum computing makes it possible for data to exist in more states or even multiple states.

As in modern cryptocurrency users are assigned addresses individually. It works in the form of keys that can be private and public. You can receive money on your public address. Spending, on the other hand, requires your affirmation or your “private key” which is of course confusing.

Lamont Wood says that this technology will give practically huge and complex combinations. An attacker would require 10.79 quintillion years to discover the information between keys on a 128-bit cyphered code. The producers take this to be a great advantage. In reality, it is also providing great integrity as quantum computers are not commercially sold. And quantum computing becoming compact is also a decade or two talk in the future.

Public and Private addresses

As Hcash has decided to be a side-chain cryptocurrency. It needs to guarantee ghost transfers as it also supports own coins. A masking feature is required that will hide how users transfer their funds through and through.

This was given thought by Hcash, and they have developed two addresses. White(public) address and the black(private) address. The white addresses are in the open while the black being as named upon in the hidden. This is possible by using Zero-Knowledge Proofs. The identity of the sender and receiver is masked, and the transactions are verified without sharing any data about it.

PoW & PoS Hybrid for DAO

The most common way blockchains produce new blocks and verification is Proof of Work & Proof of Stake. In PoW, a cryptographic sequence needs to be completed by a group of miners. This secures the block into the chain. Solving gains a reward but is power hungry.

PoS, on the other hand, evaluates everyone on the basis of how much currency they own. The network randomly selects a miner to verify the block. The more you have, the higher your chances. This is a gamble. If the block stays honest, the verifier is rewarded. If not then you lose all the money.


To date, the only disadvantage being reported about Hshare is the inability to buy Hcash straight from fiat currencies. You first change it to Bitcoin/Etherium or similar ones and then trade it for the Hcash currency HSR.


Hcash provides a promising future vision. It is one of a new technology for sure. But these new algorithms might innovate the global Cryptocurrency market greatly.

In the end, it all comes down to implementation. The now it’s not been made clear how much it has progressed or what the developing team’s future thoughts are.


  • Open Source


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)