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Insight Chain is a decentralized blockchain-based research ecosystem for businesses and investors.
Research is the cornerstone of any decision for investors.

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Insight Chain = Research Token

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Circulating Supply (169 Million)

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Insight Chain is a decentralized blockchain-based research ecosystem for businesses and investors.
Research is the cornerstone of any decision for investors. Meticulous, deep research can determine a trend even before it has appeared and it can pinpoint the demise of one as easily. The importance of it can’t be underestimated.

If there are people on this planet who are perfectly aware of this fact, it is the multi-million-making players on Wall Street. These brokers and agents have been mastering the art of order-filled, goal-oriented research for more than 300 years. The blockchain industry does not have the same stats to boast with but, in reality, should it, if the core postulates of Wall Street are already known and can be implemented today with more ease than in any prior period of time?

Insight Chain aims at bringing the order and the core strategies of Wall Street-polished research into the industry of blockchain.


  • Information sharing
  • Data research
  • Review and Index
  • Data Trading

Information sharing

Disclosure of information among all investors is one of the key elements to managing a successful company. Blockchain allows for the automation of this process without any restrictions on a global scale as the Insight Chain connects the businesses to their investors directly. Instant analysis of gained data is also a possibility at any given moment of time.

Data research

The current state of events in the blockchain industry implements that investors play the roles of both the business owner and the data producer. Multiply that by the fact that the industry is highly-encrypted, ergo cannot be analyzed by the traditional means of the banking system, leads to partial data disclosure or even disclosure of misleading information.

That being said, this is a challenge created by the blockchain industry and it has to be solved by it. We do have all the means to do so, after all.

Insights Chain allows for simultaneous analysis of data from various sources like the company, the media, capitalization opportunities, etc.

In simpler words, you will have a one-stop shop for analyzing whether the current price of any given cryptocurrency is reasonable at the moment and you will also be able to make predictions on whether the market goes bearish or bullish in the future.

Review and Index

Insights Chain aims to deliver unified insights and review system that allows for simplified, standardized analysis of existing and upcoming cryptocurrencies.

Users will access clear stats that will grade both the coin and the company behind it on a scale from 1 to 100. These ratings will be offered on a series of dimensions like the exchange index, real-time voting, currency review, credit rating, and more.

Data Trading

Knowledge is power that can be monetized. The Insight Chain makes this process simpler as it functions as a data exchange market where analysts assign certain data research tasks and payments to investors for completing them with Tokens. This works on so many levels when certain companies are offered the opportunity to purchase data from investors who, in turn, can get it from analysts and vice versa. Think of the system as a sharing economy but with data that’s being offered to whoever needs it by whoever owns it.

The roadmap

The Insight Chain has set up ambitious goals. If we were to talk Q4 of 2018, the entire ecology of the system should be completed including any and all functionality that is related to reviewing, analyzing and trading data.

Q1 of 2019 is to launch with completed tests and the launch of a public blockchain with all of the gathered data saved on it by the end of Q2.


  • Interesting project


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Less than 10 exchanges