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Insight Chain (INB)

Insight Chain (INB) - Research Token

Insight Chain is a decentralized blockchain-based research ecosystem for businesses and investors. Insight Chain aims at bringing the order and the core strategies of Wall Street-polished research into the industry of blockchain.
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Insight Chain's current price is $0.986 USD. In the past 24 hours, Insight Chain's price has increased by +0.0 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Insight Chain (INB)
Price (USD)
Total Supply
10.0 billion
Fun Name
Research Token
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  • Interesting project


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Less than 10 exchanges


Insight Chain is a decentralized research ecosystem chain based on blockchain, with a focus on data ecosystem on the blockchain domain firstly. The project works on building Wall Street-like financial order in the blockchain domain. It integrates companies, media, analyst and investor with blockchain technology, co-constructs a decentralized platform integrating information sharing, review & index, data trading and interaction based on research and promotes the upgrade and healthy development of the blockchain industry. Insight Chain is a convergence platform designed to serve all participants involved with good rules and architecture, so as to re-construct a reliable, decentralized, Wall Street-like financial order in the blockchain domain.

Data Trading System Fraud Prevention System Decentralized Review System Decentralized Voting System Decentralized Research System Technical Overview

Data Trading System

All kinds of data trading on the platform are completed on the blockchain, achieving a real decentralization. Both sides directly use INB for trading, and the platform does not participate or earn any price spread income. Data trading includes the trading of company research tasks, analyst research tasks and analysis reports. It truly realizes a decentralized trading based on the Insight Chain.

Fraud Prevention System

There are various fraudulent practices in the current market, such as the fraud of analysts’ research data and the falsify of company’s research data and questionnaires. By introducing blockchain technology, the platform records datainformation on the blockchain, greatly strengthening the credibility of the data. At the same time, the system cooperates with INB tokens, with the addition of reward-penalty mechanism. Each participant should be responsible for his actions. People who cheat would be punished with INB. Conversely, active participants would be rewarded with INB.

Decentralized Review System

The platform consists of two aspects. One is the review of companies, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency funds and the industry by analysts and the platform, and the other is review feedback to the initiating trader after completing the trading. Based on various research data, analysts will analyze the company, cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency funds, and provide analysis reports and ratings for investors' reference. At the same time, the platform will give a comprehensive rating based on the rating result and the logic agreed by the smart contract and save it on the blockchain

Decentralized Voting System

The platform provides a decentralized voting system and saves voting data on the blockchain to ensure the credibility of the voting process and results. It has two important applications for voting: voting research and voting index. The former means that the analyst can investigate user data by means of voting. The latter refers to the concept of RONI (Raise Or Not Index) proposed by the platform. Users are encouraged to participate in predicting the rise and fall of cryptocurrency by INB voting. If the forecast is successful, the reward will be given, and if not, the penalty will be given, which represents the user's expectation of acertain cryptocurrency price. The forecast will be divided into several periods: 10 min, 1 h, 12 h, 24 h and 72 h. After the end of the current forecast period, smart contracts built on the blockchain will reallocate INB based on the current number of winners and losers and the total number of INBs. That is to say, all INBs will be allocated to winners without any fees.

Decentralized Research System

Analysts adopt this system to conduct researches on companies, provideanalysis reports and ratings, and then preserve data on each link on the blockchain. When sponsors pay INB, researches are conducted and will be in good operation to maintain ecology in the form of researching objects getting INB. At the same time, the system will provide an analysis system of the research results, which is convenient for analysts to view and analyze them. As a key item in the research, the questionnaire will be accurately assigned to the research subjects based on the user image given by the analyst. There are two important processes, including the launch of research by the company and the implementation of the research task by the analyst. The following Swim lane chart shows the complete process of the entire research process.

Technical Overview

Established on an research public blockchain, Insight Chain stores research data of analysts, media, companies and investors on the blockchain, laying researches to be trusted and traceable. Research data on cryptocurrency, funds and media made by analysts are also stored on the blockchain. As well, upon comprehensive analysis of these data, analysis reports, credit ratings and analysis results made by analysts on cryptocurrency and funds will be stored on the blockchain too. At the same time, all participants can conduct decentralized data trading on the blockchain platform: information, research, reports, etc., so as to achieve intermediation and there will be no third-party middlemen to obtain profit margin. Therefore, all participants can get maximum benefits. Based on various trusted data, the platform will use smart contracts to generate a series of index information for the cryptocurrency market, which is used to represent the health and development status of the market to serve for investors and analysts.


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Hardware Wallets Desktop Wallets Online/Web Wallets

Hardware Wallets

As we already mentioned, INB is an ERC-20 based token, meaning it can be stored both on the Ledger and Trezor.


As for using the Nano Ledger S, the first step towards setting up your device is unboxing and checking if you have received all the accessories coming with it. Once you have unboxed your device, you need to configure it and initialize it before being able to use it. The process is quite simple and will hardly take about 20-30 minutes post which you will be set to use your Ledger Nano S device. 

Setup guide video: here


As for Trezor, installing is really simple. To properly install it users should attach the unit to the computer. After that continue with installing the  bridge which allows the Trezor to join with the computer. The first step is to connect the Trezor to device’s USB slot with the cable given in the box.  After that, go to and proceed with installing the browser extension. Trezor can also be used on Android or an iPhone, or on a Windows or Mac computer. Now, initiate the extension and myTrezor will direct you to pick a PIN. After this, you will notice nine buttons but the numbers are hidden. After this, users should check the Trezor’s screen to recognize which numbers are in which place because it switches every time. Now set the PIN. Shortly after, Trezor should present a 24-word wallet “seed”. In short, one word at a time. Note down this seed and save it carefully. If your Trezor device malfunctions or is lost, you can utilize the seed to reconstruct the complete wallet. 

Setup guide video: here

Desktop Wallets


First, we have Exodus, which supports a ton of other cryptocurrencies along with INB  and is pretty straightforward and easy to use. Just download the app from the official site( and get straight into creating your wallet.  Exodus stores your Private Keys on the machine you choose and not on any server, providing you with a relative peace of mind when it comes to the security of your coins. 

Atomic Wallet

Another option is Atomic Wallet.

Atomic Wallet is a desktop wallet built with security, anonymity and decentralization in mind. Atomic Wallet was designed to leverage the potential of atomic swaps and become part of a fully-fledged decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem.  The “physical” wallet itself is a PC application that can be downloaded onto your computer. Your private keys and other data will then be stored on your PC in an encrypted form. This means you hold your own keys, which are encrypted and kept only on your own device, control your own funds and can efficiently swap tokens without needing to go through a centralized exchange.

This application then interacts with the blockchains of supported coins. For example, if you check your transaction history in the program, it looks it up on the blockchain and then shows it to you, rather than storing this potentially sensitive information somewhere.

Online/Web Wallets

Since INB is an ERC-20 token, it means you can use any ERC-20 compatible wallet to store it.


 For an online-based wallet, we recommend MyEtherWallet. The wallet offers a brilliant combination of speed, trustworthiness and simplicity, making it the most popular online wallet for ether and any ERC20-based tokens.

Simply visit and set up your wallet with a method of your choosing, just make sure to store your private key somewhere safe. It's wise to have it written down on paper in case your PC/notebook malfunctions.

The only downside to using an online wallet like MEW is that there are literally hundreds of phishing scams out there to get your eth, so you better double check the address everytime and make sure to watch out for any malicious activity on your browser or PC.