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Kambria (KAT)

Kambria (KAT) - Robot Token

Kambria is a open innovation platform managed by Kambria International (“KI”) that will foster a collaborative ecosystem, with the goal of dramatically accelerating the development..
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Kambria's current price is $0.020 USD. In the past 24 hours, Kambria's price has increased by +777.6 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Kambria (KAT)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
1.6 billion
Total Supply
5.0 billion
Market cap
29.0 million
Fun Name
Robot Token
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  • Limited issues
  • New fields of interest


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Lots of competition


Kambria is a decentralized open innovation platform managed by Kambria International (“KI”) that will foster a collaborative ecosystem, with the goal of dramatically accelerating the development and adoption of the world’s most advanced robotic technologies. The project is an open robotics platform that is similar to Android or Linux but would include both hardware and software components. Over time, the team will grow the platform into a network of thousands of repositories, spanning across many technology verticals, not just robotics.

The project managed to raise $16 000 000 dollars during the duration of their ICO, with 1 KAT token amounting to 0.02 USD.

  • The Innovation Marketplace
  • The Manufacturing Alliance
  • KAT Token

The innovation marketplace is at the heart of KI’s open innovation model. KAT are used as a signaling mechanism as well as a reward when value-adding work is completed. Top-down signaling is driven by the desire for new technology to be added to the Kambria ecosystem, where the party or parties needing the technology want to find experts that can provide solutions. For example, a large company that wants to apply robotics to their own business may need a custom sensor, manipulator, or control logic. They can use KAT to submit a bounty that describes the project terms: the work to be done, the judging criteria, expert judges from the community, tranches or timing, and a payout schedule. These terms are encoded in a smart contract, with links to additional bounty data offchain. KAT used for the bounty are staked in the smart contract while the bounty remains open.

The Manufacturing Alliance will be a collaborative partnership where top manufacturers share knowledge, resources, and maintain APIs/standards. The Manufacturing Alliance goal is to provide a network of ultra-lean and ultra-fast robotics manufacturing centers around the world. Members of the alliance are committed to the open process of turning KDNA into fabricated robots quickly. This capability reduces the need for the supply chain, sourcing, negotiating, paperwork handling, stocking, and manufacturing work currently being duplicated by every maker and robotics company.

KAT are used for access and payment on the Manufacturing Network. For payments in KAT, the order can be directly processed by a smart contract. The total cost for a particular KDNA is set by the manufacturer and enables the manufacturer to charge an appropriate margin for the work involved. KI anticipates the manufacturer can sell KAT on an exchange to obtain required fiat, currency for suppliers outside of the Kambria Platform, or KI and/or the Foundation may maintain a reserve to facilitate exchange for manufacturers. KAT are also used to capture the value created by the Kambria Platform with the intent of making the Kambria community sustainable and not dependent on donations.

Kambria doesn’t have many issues. The area this project focuses on is robotics and AI, which is a somewhat niche area. AI implementation is still in its early stages and this stands true especially for blockchain-based AI.


In a nutshell, Kambria is offering a collaborative mechanism to fuse blockchain technology and robotics and ultimately boost the flexibility of the sector to even the most basic of users. They do have a working product and give off the vibe of a legitimate project, but we should keep in mind that AI is a sector where they’re tons of innovations and technological breakthroughs, so the team can’t afford to lag on development.


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