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The KIN Coin was launched by KiK, a social media company which was motivated to launch the coin as a philosophical and financial project.

Basic Intro

Name (Ticker)
Kin (KIN)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
756.1 billion
Total Supply
756.1 billion
Volume (24H)
1.6 million
33.8 million
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Exchange Entertainment
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  • Proven track record
  • More income for content creators
  • Less ads


  • Not fully developed yet.
  • Ethereum limitations


Kik is a social media company from Canada that was in the news for all the right reasons last year. Instead of raising money through venture capital, the company decided to execute an ICO through which it was able to raise almost 100 million dollars. This was how it became the leading voice in social media that is anonymous and decentralized. This ICO threw up the KIN Coin which became very popular in January at which point of time the markets were at their high. Of course, the value of the KIN Coin has since leveled off but remains higher than at the spike.

  • Helping content creators
  • Philosophical and financial project
  • KIN Foundation
  • User experience

KIN was designed to help content creators and consumers to deal with one another directly. No longer did they have to rely on advertising money to monetize their content creation. Ever since that highly successful ICO, KIN has gone from strength to strength. Read on if you want to know more about the KIN Coin.

The KIN Coin was launched by KiK, a social media company which was motivated to launch the coin as a philosophical and financial project. KiK is an app as well as social media platform with over a million and a half monthly users. Most of its users are young people who fall in the age group of 13 to 24.

The KIN foundation on the other hand exists without being dependent on Kik. It is really a non-profit advocacy arm whose goal is to eventually make the KIN Coin the currency for an entire communication tools ecosystem. The KIN Coin is backed by a major startup which boasts of a considerably large user base. It would be interesting to see just how well this cryptocurrency integrates with the present community. This community boasts of many young users who may not be so interested in cryptocurrencies. These young users want things to work right.

One way to ensure the cryptocurrency works well is to solve the problem of providing cryptocurrencies a wonderful user experience. If this is done right, then the cryptocurrency will become very useful. KIk needs to figure out how to do this with the KIN Coin and if it succeeds in this, then it will lead to greater things in the future.

The people responsible for developing KIN Coin have their apprehensions about how well Ethereum can be scaled up for the number of transactions that the KIN Coin will be dealing with. In fact, the KIN Coin requires upward of 10k transactions per day. Currently, Ethereum has a limit of ten thousand transactions per day. It is possible to earn KIN Coins by completing certain tasks or by creating content. All you need to do is wait for the KIN Coin to be integrated, which should happen sometime later this year.