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Lambda (LAMB) - Storage Network

Lambda is a safe, reliable and scalable spread out storage network, which achieves the decentralized storage of data, the integrity and security verification of data...
Lambda's current price is $0.036 USD. In the past 24 hours, Lambda's price has decreased by -8.9 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Lambda (LAMB)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
748.3 million
Total Supply
6.0 billion
Max Supply
10.0 billion
82.3 million
Market cap
26.9 million
Fun Name
Storage Network
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Pros of Lambda (LAMB)

  • Test net running
  • Lots of exchanges

Cons of Lambda (LAMB)

  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Unprofessional site
  • Limited team info

Lambda (LAMB) Review

What is Lambda?

Lambda is a safe, reliable and scalable decentralized storage network, which achieves the decentralized storage of data, the integrity and security verification of data, and the operation of market-oriented storage transactions based on the Lambda Chain consensus network, so as to provide infinitely scalable data storage capacity for the next-generation Internet of Value. 


Storage security is the core of decentralized data storage. Lambda uses the Proof of Space Time (PoST) algorithm to ensure data storage security, and Lambda Chain applies the Verifiable Random Function (VRF) + the Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus algorithms to ensure the operational efficiency and reliability of the consensus network.


The Lambda project, based out of Singapore, managed to raise over $15 000 000 during the duration of the crowdsale ICO.


Lambda (LAMB) Misleading

The information about the project is not really transparent. The information about the team and their role is not publicly released. It is difficult to confirm details provided in the whitepaper and website. The news to show that Lambda team actively joins blockchain events is limited. There in’t any Github or MVP to show the technological development of the project. It will be difficult to persuade investors to believe in the potential of the project. The community’s response to the project is not active eventhough there are a huge number of members and followers in Telegram group chat and Twitter.

Lambda (LAMB) Development Kit

An important technical component of Lambda’s storage ecosystem, the development kit provides universal storage access capacity, including upstream and downstream data interfaces compliant with the existing cloud storage interface specification, enabling users to seamlessly enter the Lambda system. The development kit also allows other storage solutions to be connected to Lambda, making Lambda a heterogeneous storage network that provides services for different storage requirements

Lambda (LAMB) Marketplace

Lambda supplies service providers and users with trading capacity. Users rent and pay for storage space, while storage service providers obtain the appropriate service revenue. Transactions are completed through non-high-frequency operations, after which users can obtain real-time storage service capacity, without the need for real-time matching between storage and retrieval resources. This enables real-time access to resources, making Lambda a public BlockChain with an accessible application.

Lambda (LAMB) Storage Network

The storage and consensus networks in the Lambda system are logically decoupled. The heterogeneous storage network can provide diversified, decentralized or other types of storage capacity, but it must follow the Lambda data integrity verification protocol.

Lambda (LAMB) Consensus Network

Composed of thousands of nodes, the Lambda consensus network acts as a consensus protocol based on VRF and BFT. LAMB token transactions can be completed in the network. It also acts as a connection between storage resource providers and storage users, to provide them with functions such as matching, billing, rewards, penalties, and data verification, thus ensuring that the decentralized storage is safe, verifiable, and flexible.

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