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LATOKEN (LA) - Liquidity Asset Token

LAToken, also known as LATO or Liquidity Asset Token, is a unique blockchain-based way to access cash from the things you own. You know how you can use a bank to borrow money again..
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LATOKEN's current price is $0.040 USD. In the past 24 hours, LATOKEN's price has increased by +0.9 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
60.6 million
Total Supply
400.0 million
Market cap
2.5 million
Fun Name
Liquidity Asset Token
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  • Unique


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Limited exchanges


LAToken, also known as LATO or Liquidity Asset Token, is a unique blockchain-based way to access cash from the things you own. You know how you can use a bank to borrow money against your house? LAToken lets you extend that concept to your house, your car, your valuable painting, and anything else you own.
In other words, with LATO’s marketplace, you can take an liquid asset and sell fractional ownership over the blockchain. You get cash, and you don’t have to borrow money or pay interest for it. As the website explains, “you have access to a lot more cash at much lower costs than you may have realized.”

Based out of Singapore, the project managed to raise nearly $20 000 000 during the duration of their crowdsale.

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The LAToken ecosystem, or the Liquidity Assets Token (LATO) platform, is built on an existing home equity marketplace, created by the CEO of the company. That marketplace has facilitated 12,000 mortgage offers and more than 1,000 deals from 7 banks and 25 investors in the past six months. Participants will interact with the marketplace using the LAToken wallet. Participants can use the wallet to create fractional assets. To create a fractional asset, owners create an Asset Token, then purchase Proof of Asset service.

Then, they list the token on the LATO marketplace. In addition, an Asset Token issuer can buy insurance or other instruments to make the token more attractive to investors. Using the LATO investment terminal, investors can trade and manage their assets portfolio. The terminal offers trading functions, access to credible assets data stored on the blockchain, as well as asset portfolio analytics tools. If you want to create LATO assets on the blockchain, then you’ll need to pay a fee in LATO tokens.

The LAtoken ecosystem consists of the LAToken marketplace, which has processed 1000+ home equity loans since being launched in 2013. This was a separate product created by the CEO of LATO, but it’s being adapted for use with the LATO ecosystem. It also has its own liquidity token along with a working tokenized asset exchange.

LAToken lets you tokenize your assets. You can diversify your portfolio while maintaining a low-risk threshold. LAT tokens give you fractional ownership of physical assets (like real estate, paintings, and other physical items with value) to help you diversify your investments.

Despite the fact that it is clearly a Russian start-up, LATOKEN was initally registered seaward (as according to their Terms of use, the governing law is that of the on the Cayman Islands). Organizations registered seaward for the most part don’t inspire a great deal of trust. Furthermore the exchange does not give utilized trading in digital currencies, which is the case with most comparative scenes. The individuals who wish to conjecture on their prices, without owning them, can open an account with a forex intermediary instead. All agents who offer trading in crypto CFDs give use, and the levels are normally higher than the ones offered by a few exchanges.


LAToken is a unique blockchain-based platform where you can “tokenize” your physical assets – like real estate, vehicles, or paintings – in a secure and insured way. Then, you can sell shares of those assets onto the LATO marketplace, where investors can purchase the shares in exchange for cash. The project has positioned itself as legitimate one and has managed to secure its place within the top 100 cryptocurrencies by marketcap.


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