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Mainframe (MFT)

Mainframe (MFT) - Token Press

Mainframe is a secure platform designed for simplified building of decentralized applications. It empowers developers to cater their software solutions to the ever-growing market of those who care about the integrity of personal data...
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Mainframe's current price is $0.010 USD. In the past 24 hours, Mainframe's price has decreased by -9.1 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Mainframe (MFT)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
9.4 billion
Total Supply
10.0 billion
Max Supply
10.0 billion
26.3 million
Market cap
60.5 million
Fun Name
Token Press
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  • Growth
  • Tested over time
  • Listed on many exchanges


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Niche solution


Mainframe is a secure platform designed for simplified building of decentralized applications. It empowers developers to cater their software solutions to the ever-growing market of those who care about the integrity of personal data.

“No right of private conversation was enumerated in the [United States] Constitution. I don’t suppose it occurred to anyone at the time that it could be prevented.” – Whitfield Diffie, Co-inventor of public-key cryptography.

Few words carry more truth in the 21st century when more than a half of the entire world’s population is using the heavily regulated and highly vulnerable services provided by the Internet. We simply never expected from the web to grow to the behemoth size it is today and we, as a society – nay, a community – were not prepared.

Corporations, governments, and even hackers continuously gain access to colossal volumes of data, which they use to their own gain (that, more often than not, does you more harm than good). Mainframe solves this issue by providing a simple, light toolkit for the developers who wish to create secure, uncensored applications.


Reliable end-to-end encryption – five simple words that have so much meaning in the 21st century. But do all five of them have the same impact as well? No, of course, they do not like the word “reliable” is definitely the king here.

Dark routing

How is the team behind Mainframe achieving reliability in encryption? They use asymmetric key pairs associated with every node in the blockchain. This sounds all fine and dandy in a peer-to-peer environment when data is transferred from one user to the other, but that would be quite limited for those operating in groups. How does one share encrypted data and its key to a group of users without a third party “eavesdropping”? Should the data be encrypted separately for every member of the group receiving it? Yes, if you have unlimited CPU capabilities, but Mainframe came up with a much more graceful solution. They provide protocols for shared group key negotiation.

In our world of digital tech, one can’t positively state that there are uncheckable solutions. An expert with enough brains will always find something once he or she knows where to look. This mindset has led Mainframe to an interesting solution – why even show the places to look in the first place?

Thus the network was built in a way in which it is impossible to pinpoint the very existence of any communications, thus keeping them safe from any undesired involvement from any parties.

Any network needs the resources to grow over time. More often than not those, who are providing said resources demand something in return. Something like the personal data of users. That is a compromise that the Mainframe team is not willing to make.

Luckily, with the blockchain technology, they don’t have to. Why bother when you can build an autonomous, Token-based economy to support your network?


In the Mainframe’s economy, each node provides bandwidth for data packages and is rewarded with tokens for said service.

P2P architecture

Every node that is providing data services in the network relies on the distribution of connections. In a large network, those are extremely difficult to manage due to their immense numbers. The architecture of Mainframe allows the development of such solutions without any hustle as it is built with peer-to-peer interactions in mind from the get-go.


A complex word with a very simple meaning – no restrictions or limitations. The solutions developed with help from Mainframe solutions will run smoothly on any given blockchain network.


While Mainframe in its essence is a niche solution aimed at software developers, it’s technological sophistication and availability on any network have the potential of transforming it into the new WordPress for Web 3.0.


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