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MediBlock Is for connecting doctors and patents on a secure network. To speed up healthcare and make it more competitive.

Our Joke Name

MediBloc = Health Coin

Basic Intro

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Exchange Ticker (MED)

Coin or Token

Circulating  (2,966,384,100)

Total (4,097,545,844)

Block time (Under 60 Seconds)

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Mediblock is a healthcare currency, there goal is to reduce time and cost by having all the information on a secure database. This means that any doctor with approval can look at the records and see all the notes.

The wallet can track things like heart rate and steps, or even blood pressure. This will give the doctors more patent information and this information will be close to real time. This will bridge the gap of the patent being in the hospital to track simple things. I could see this as a massive success with some serious conditions.

Also researchers can have access to the information in the patient allows it. This will be to better understand healthcare and even save more lives and costs.  This could potentially find cures to things by tracking the users in the control group.

This Coin is still new and will need over a year to be developed/trusted and then even more time to be implemented in a hospital or clinic. As privacy and safety is top priority.


MediBloc (MED) is a decentralized healthcare information platform which allows for a personal ecosystem for researchers, providers and patients to store medical records secure using Blockchain technology. MediBloc originally started as a small project by two doctors who found it challenging understanding new patients past medical records as most of them were files that had been lost in other files over previous years. The white paper can be viewed at (28 Pages PDF).

Key Features

  • How Does It Work?
  • Lacks Features

How Does It Work?

The MediBloc platform is essentially a decentralized app (dApps) that takes advantage of the Ethereum Network. The platform consists of three layers the core, services and apps. In these three layers, the information that will be held will be personal data, medical data and MED balance. The MediBloc core allows for extra storage since storage is limited to the blockchain, the core is key as it avoids data loss/corruption. Lastly the MediBloc apps this allows people to use multiple devices such as mobile devices to access information. The MediBloc service uses smart contracts to connect the apps and core layers together which allows for input and output. The platform is set to use Medi Points (MP) to measure a user’s participation throughout the platform, after accumulating a certain amount of MP you can convert these into MED which can be used for payments when the platform is fully rolled out.

Lacks Features

MediBloc doesn’t have much more of a difference compared to other competitors that allow for users to store personal data. MediBloc also doesn’t go in-depth enough, for example, how can they make sure the data is secure or won’t be lost if a system error occurs. MediBloc needs to suit their consumers who are medical patients instead of trying to include people outside their niche.


Overall MediBloc has a great concept and a reasonable cause for the project existing. However, they lack features that make it different from other decentralized databases in order for them to improve they will need to be unique and have features that will persuade consumers to change from centralized storing of personal data to decentralized storing of records.

Company Message

Healthcare Experience. Reinvented.


  • Trying to save people
  • Speeding up healthcare
  • Good Idea


  • Not implemented properly yet