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MEET.ONE aims to become “The Portal to EOS Ecology”, making it easy for beginners to start using the EOS blockchain.

Joke Name

Meet.One = EOS Portal

Basic Intro

Link to the main website

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Exchange Ticker (MEETONE)

Coin or Token

Circulating Supply (3 Billion)

Total Supply (7.5 Billion)

Market Cap Ranking


MEET.ONE aims to become “The Portal to EOS Ecology”, making it easy for beginners to start using the EOS blockchain. Once the technology has been developed to create sidechains that interact with the EOS mainchain, the MEET.ONE team plans to launch a sidechain which provides a cost-effective development platform for developers to make a test and or beta version of their proposed DApp. In addition, MEET.ONE focusses on making it easier for the end-user to start using DApps.

Key Features

  • MEET.ONE Incubator
  • MEET.ONE token
  • Mobile App

MEET.ONE Incubator

The MEET.ONE team anticipates that using the resources on the EOS mainchain (CPU/RAM) will inevitably increase in price and hence will be too expensive for young people such as up-and-coming developers and students to afford. In order to incentivize entrepreneurs to develop DApps on the EOS blockchain, MEET.ONE wants to provide a stable and cost-effective sidechain network and rich SDK resources for DApp developers by allowing them to develop their DApps on the MEET.ONE sidechain.

MEET.ONE token

MEET.ONE tokens are utility tokens and are the fundamental element meant to sustain the MEET.ONE platform. Developers who hold MEET.ONE tokens are entitled to utilize the sidechain resource and the developer SDK. Developers will only have access to the advertising display function of the MEET.ONE Incubator by paying MEET.ONE tokens. The MEET.ONE token originally was launched as an ERC-20 token but users must migrate these tokens to receive an equivalent amount of EOS tokens to use the functionality.

Mobile App

MEET.ONE launched a mobile app available for Android and Apple devices, making your mobile device a portal to the EOS blockchain. By using the app, users can easily manage and transfer EOS tokens, buy/sell RAM, vote for block producers and safely use EOS DApps. In this way, the MEET.ONE team wants to make interacting with the EOS blockchain as user-friendly as possible.


Where the sidechain will make it easier to on ramp developers on the back end, the MEET.ONE mobile app makes it easier for end-users to use the front end (decentralized) applications built on the EOS blockchain. MEET.ONE is comparable to the Telos project, with the difference being that Telos is launching a “sister chain” and MEET.ONE is planning on creating a “sidechain” once the technology is ready. Both MEET.ONE and Telos have similar objectives as both have the goal to offer resources to smaller projects that don’t have enough money to launch their DApp via an airdrop on the EOS mainchain


  • Built on EOS


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Limited Volume
  • Listed on limited exchanges