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Mossland is a gaming platform centered around virtual properties of landmarks from the real world. Mossland utilizes the in-game currency Moss Coin (MOC).

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Mossland = Gaming Platform

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Circulating Supply (226 million)

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Mossland is a gaming platform centered around virtual properties of landmarks from the real world. Mossland utilizes the in-game currency Moss Coin (MOC), an ERC-20 based cryptocurrency, to run the in-game economy. Through the platform, virtual properties are bought and sold, auctions are conducted, and accessories can be created in the form of ERC-721 tokens. The effort users put into a virtual property (upgrading a virtual property, applying accessories, increasing user check-ins etc.) can also be stored in the ERC-721 format or in an advanced form of blockchain technology. Users will have a simultaneous ownership of virtual properties and accessories in all the services under the Mossland platform.


The Mossland company, based out of Estonia, managed to raise $6 000 000 during the duration of their crowdsale.

Key Features:

  • Mossland Auctions
  • Mossland: The Hunters
  • User Features

Mossland Auctions

The Mossland Auction is an auction service where users can trade virtual landmarks, the core assets of the Mossland Platform. Users can participate in the auction to win landmarks provided by Mossland and eventually resell them to other users for Moss Coin (MOC) through the open auction. Transactions in Mossland: The Auction are executed using Moss Coin, Mossland’s blockchain-based cryptocurrency. The service was launched in October 2018.

Mossland: The Hunters

Mossland: The Hunters is a location-based service in the form of a treasure hunt centered on the virtual landmarks and buildings that can be earned by participating in Mossland: The Auction. Users will be able to collect various items distributed throughout the map which can be exchanged to goods. Mossland and landmark owners can earn advertisement fees by hosting advertisements from hosts in Mossland’s world or their own property. The advertisement fee (usually Moss Coin in this case) will be divided among Mossland, the owner of the landmark and users who watch the advertisement. As users seek for treasures, they will naturally be exposed to the advertisements, resulting in a high overall conversion rate.

Mossland: The City

Mossland: The City is a location-based gaming service focused on collecting and managing virtual landmarks. Upon winning a landmark in Mossland: The Auction, landmark owners can manage their buildings by controlling various features such as decorating their properties with digital accessories. Users can also communicate with other landmark owners or users by chatting and checking into buildings etc.


The biggest problem, at least for investors looking for a serious project to put their money into long-term, is the fact that Mossland and its whole blockchain are centered around, well, a game. The game’s whole concept isn’t very exciting and its proposition for a blockchain protocol is poor to say the least.


Mossland can the thing for you if you’re interested in blockchain games. These types of games have a great potential and with proper execution can be both fun and quite rewarding at the same time. Blockchain-based games are an untapped market and the virtual assets they create can certainly be valuable in the future as scarce digital-collectibles.


  • Possible new market


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Limited growth