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Nuls is a global Blockchain open source project and a highly modular blockchain tools. The program overall aims to improve the performance of businesses.

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Nuls is a global Blockchain open-source project and a highly customizable modular blockchain infrastructure. The objective of this project is to reduce the cost of development by breaking the barriers of blockchain while still trying to promote blockchain technology throughout the commercial world.

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  • Technical Design

The Nuls platform is designed to split the blockchain into numerous modules that include account, ledger, network, storage, smart contract, and consensus. This way all modules can work independently as a microkernel and functional modules. The smart contract can be used by application developers allowing it to break the technical barriers of the blockchain.

Nuls allows users to customize their sub chains by merging applicable modules to their requirements. The Nuls user interface and the software itself is easy to use for the users. The platform is perfect for programmers and users who want to build blockchain with PoW.

The amazing features of NULS have made it easy to use, adaptable to numerous application scenarios and deliver high performance. The platform also maintains a balance between the confidentiality and transparency of the data and database. The main goal of Nuls is to help enterprises and businesses in improving the credibility by positioning their own reorganized applications in the blockchain.

Many factors can help you answer this question. Ease of use, compliant with numerous application settings, increased performance, the balance between confidentiality and transparency of data and the technical design are the main factors you should consider.

Learning the Nuls software has been made easy by removing all the bottlenecks, hindrances and complexity in the software. The platform aims to improve development time by giving a programmable environment that is simple. Nuls has finally been able to introduce a software program that can be used by the less experienced users easily.

With the application layers, the developer can make full use of the infrastructural support within the platform. Basic tasks can be easily performed and use the modular parts has also been made simple for developers.

High Performance is the key to success in this business, and with the help of the Nuls platform, high performance is ensured. The limitations of blockchain that cause delays and disruptions in the system have been addressed. The main chains and sub chains allow millions of transactions per second. This is how they deliver high performance through programming.

For every business confidentiality and transparency of data is very important. Nuls ensures that there is balance in the confidentiality and transparency of data of the users. So this proves that security is not only important for users, businesses, and organizations but it is an important part of the program. The data is protected in the sub-chains through the process of data isolation and cross chain auditing.

The technical design consists of proof of credit, yellow card alert, and red card alert. The proof of credit (POC) is one of its first kind designed by Nuls. The POC works like proof of stake where some tokens are needed to be locked before any node is run on the network by the user.

The yellow card alert notifies the user when blocks are being generated during a computer crash, internet disconnection or network issues. Since this affects the entire system, the user is notified, and the coins are frozen for a time period, and the credit ratio is downgraded.

The red card alert is for any hostile attacks, attempts to fork the system, double spend attacks or intentionally trying to attack the system. The Nuls network can detect any threats like these and notify the user immediately as well.


With this kind of performance, interface, and security, Nuls is the first choice of a user, developer, business or organization regardless of the use. The program overall aims to improve the performance of businesses.


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