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ODEM is not just an online education platform. Students, as well as corporate buyers, can make use of this. Courses can be bought or sold on this platform...
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ODEM's current price is $0.010 USD. In the past 24 hours, ODEM's price has increased by +868.1 percents..
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221.9 million
Total Supply
397.0 million
Market cap
2.1 million
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  • Great concept
  • Courses can be bought or sold on this platform
  • Online education is gaining popularity


  • No 1 on 1
  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)


ODEM is a platform for online education. It makes use of blockchain technology. They are aimed at providing the students with a stronger hold on their academics as well as their careers. Many students all over the world are willing to study further but don’t have enough resources.

ODEM is not just an online education platform. Students, as well as corporate buyers, can make use of this. Courses can be bought or sold on this platform. This is a process which gives the students the power to be able to attend classes no matter where they are in the world. The company creates a global environment which is quite well organized and fair.

ODEM is a platform where students and educators can interact with each other without using an intermediary. It is like a marketplace where educators can submit their courses, lectures and curriculums and students can buy them.

Payments can be made and received using ODEM wallet, which makes transactions via smart contacts. The fees that students pay will be received by the teachers. Therefore, the wallet will have no transaction fees.

There is no risk of being scammed, as the platform uses artificial intelligence to verify students and professors constantly. The system will keep an eye on the quality of the tests and programs. Due to the transparency aspect, the user and the buyer are fully aware of where and to whom to the money is going. The buyer is also sure of what they are buying.

There are many hindrances to traditional education. First of all, during enrollment, a student faces many hurdles. The tuition fees are also raising, and common students aren’t able to afford it. The cost makes it impossible for students to continue college. Also, in some places, there aren’t quality institutions nearby. ODEM is easily accessible therefore the location of the student doesn’t matter.

Using ODEM has many advantages. It provides quality education in reduced fees, therefore more people will be encouraged to join. This, combined with the security it provides and transparency aspect will make it easy for the user to trust the platform.

Another advantage is that by using AI to keep the quality of the courses under check, the courses will be useful and will continue to meet certain standards. When the sales of tokens increase, the value of the token will also increase in the future because this is the only way courses can be purchased.

For the sake of investment, you will have to purchase ODEM tokens. One ODEM is equivalent of 0.05 euros. Euro is being used because the company is based in Switzerland. The company produces 396,969,697 tokens. These tokens are ERC20 Ethereum based.


Online education is gaining popularity, so ODEM is up for gaining a substantial portion in the market. As it provides different services in a relatively low payment, it has the potential to attract many students and tutors.


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