OneRoot (RNT)

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ONEROOT’s custom built infrastructure is one that supports the business model and provides the ability of a worldwide collaboration without over spending on friction costs.

Joke Name

OneRoot = Universal Token

Basic Intro

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Exchange Ticker (RNT)

Coin or Token

Circulating Supply (275 Million)

Total Supply (400 Million)

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ONEROOT network is expanding blockchain’s potential by introducing its own R&D products to the market.
ONEROOT’s custom-built infrastructure supports the distributed business model and provides the ability of worldwide collaboration without overspending on friction costs.

Key Features

  • R&D products
  • The R1 Protocol
  • DDEX
  • How?
  • DCEX
  • RNC
  • The TOUCH wallet
  • ONEROOT as a whole

R&D products

From trading software to public chains, to the R1 protocol, and to the developer-friendly toolkits for product deployment, ONEROOT seems to cover all things blockchain.

The R1 Protocol

The R1 protocol is an efficient and elegant solution for decentralized trading. It enhances the trader’s experience by separating matching orders from settlement orders.

More on the matter, the protocol is designed to enhance any and all R1-based exchanges as it allows to share both liquidity and order data with one another.


DDEX is a decentralized exchange for altcoins that’s powered by the R1 protocol. Or, in simpler words, it offers a safer and friendlier experience to its users.


All of the assets are on-chain stored while the matching is done off-chain. The first enhances transparency and minimizes security risks. The latter makes trading more efficient.

Still, that’s not the best part about the R1-fueled DDEX, but rather the platform’s modular toolkit that allows development of 3-d party exchanges in a click of a mouse.


Need something with higher liquidity for your trading needs? ONEROOT has got you covered with a centralized exchange that claims to fix such business challenges as high development costs and lackluster liquidity.

DCEX is a modular solution where you can create your own exchange from “LEGO” blocks of features. Users are able to invest in the functionality they need while keeping the ability to swap features in order to meet the regulations of various jurisdictions.

R1 is still in place so liquidity and transaction data sharing is present. All new exchanges can join a global liquidity pool.


RNC is the public chain we’ve mentioned earlier. It has a built-in decentralized transaction protocol, a wide plethora of business-oriented extensions that support a whole plethora of scenarios, and a convenient tool for token mapping.

In simpler words, the RNC is a one-stop-shop for all things public chain development minus the colossal investment requirement.

The TOUCH wallet

The last, but not least among the solutions developed by ONEROOT is their handy little Light Wallet User Terminal.

There’s nothing to write home about it other than it is safe, secure, and, multi-chain. Or, if put simply, it is everything we’ve come to expect from decent crypto wallets nowadays. Not more, nor less.

ONEROOT as a whole

ONEROOT seems to the blockchain-man’s “LEGO”. It offers a wide plethora of ready-to-use solutions that are flexible enough to support a run in the mill blockchain project or a decent exchange platform. All that at a fraction of a cost.

Advanced customization options, while present, are fairly limited for anything beyond a relatively basic project. Sure, the team offers custom development services but that takes the concept of cheap LEGOs and tosses it out the window.


That said, a series of products like ONEROOT’s is opening up the entry point into the world of blockchain for hundreds, if not thousands, of underfunded SMBs. They will be more than plenty to generate attention and buzz around the platform thus creating an even larger market for ONEROOT solutions all over the world.


  • Useful solutions


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Limited exchanges
  • Confusing