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Own (CHX)

Own (CHX) - Business Ecosystem

Own is an ecosystem designed to satisfy the growing demands of the financial market in technological solutions. Own allows businesses to issue primary offers and attract new invest..
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Own's current price is $0.000 USD. In the past 24 hours, Own's price has decreased by 0.0 percents..
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Own (CHX)
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143.5 million
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169.0 million
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Business Ecosystem
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  • Lots of features


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)


Own is an ecosystem designed to satisfy the growing demands of the financial market in technological solutions. Own allows businesses to issue primary offers, attract new investors and manage the ownership cycle in its entirety – all absolutely free of charge.

  • Decentralized Share Register
  • My Own Investor App
  • FAST Platform
  • Blockchain Services

Most modern-day businesses use their share register as a single document designed to simply keep track of transactions to and from investors without putting any of that data to use.

The Decentralized Share Register, or simply DSR is a solution that analyzes said data and transforms one of the most mundane processes in business into an investor nurturing program.

The DSR comes with a built-in CRM application where one can easily collect and categorize data about shareholders for more powerful insights.


  • Automatic synchronization of data
  • Real-time editing of details
  • A decentralized CRM doesn’t give any single user overall authority
  • Automatic version control
  • Safe storage of data that ensures not a bite is lost, misplaced, or tampered with

This intuitive smartphone app is designed for those investors who wish to stay in touch with businesses they are involved in.

Investors will be empowered to engage in corporate actions, vote, participate on token and equity offers – all with a single swipe of a finger.


  • Detailed view of one’s shareholdings
  • Share certificate and transactions view
  • Company updates of the fly
  • Voting functionality
  • Quick access to one’s crypto wallet

FAST or Financial Asset Security Tokenization Platform is a one-stop-shop for controlling any and all relationships with investors. Companies can easily issue primary offers, sell shares or attract new investors via the platform.

The entire ownership lifecycle is easily manageable as well: compliance, government relationships, and regulations are now all available from a single, unified, decentralized application.


  • Secure data and infrastructure storage
  • Simple integration with 3-d party solutions
  • White-labeling from the box
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Additional data analysis and added value tools

Own solutions are unique and flexible to a level where you can truly call them your own. Why bother fitting your goals, needs, and agenda into a box of features that a software product, if said product can be designed to help you achieve more though white-labeling?


Own is willingly customizing the features of the ecosystem to help you grow, generate authority, and enhance scalability. Own’s blockchain has been designed with the needs of the equity market in mind making it as tender as the clay in the hands of an artist who is sculpting the perfect environment for business-investor relationships.


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