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Penta (PNT)

Penta (PNT) - Premier Platform

Penta is a next generation platform for both public and private blockchain projects, designed to be a premier platform for transferring value and operating high-performance decentr..
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Penta's current price is $0.120 USD. In the past 24 hours, Penta's price has increased by +11.1 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Penta (PNT)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
74.4 million
Total Supply
88.0 million
Max Supply
88.0 million
4.1 million
Market cap
9.3 million
Fun Name
Premier Platform
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  • Hard to say


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • No working product
  • Limited marketing


Penta is a next generation platform for both public and private blockchain projects, designed to be a premier platform for transferring value and operating high-performance decentralized applications. Penta will remove roadblocks and reshape the blockchain landscape with an emphasis on impacting the real economy. With its unique consensus algorithm (DSC) and a truly distributed network architecture, Penta is building the world’s most inclusive, equitable, and decentralized blockchain community.

Penta Network

The Penta Network will provide fully integrated network infrastructure enabling people, businesses, and communities to exchange things of value in a secure, seamless, and efficient way. The Penta Network will provide the kind of infrastructure needed to power the Smart Economy of tomorrow. The foundation of the Penta Network is composed of self-contained component. Like Lego bricks, developers build blockchain or sub-chain applications using these components that are designed for rapid prototyping, easy assembly and testing.

Blockchain Layer

The Penta team claim their protocol is a “smart decentralized” blockchain, with a unique consensus algorithm DSC, which balances quantum resistant security with decentralization and scalability. The people behind the project believe that only by balancing these elements can public blockchains reach their full promise. DSC is a consensus mechanism designed to avoid forks. Instead of optimizing solely for scale, and centralizing on an authoritative ‘super node’, Dynamic Stake Consensus takes a more balanced approach. With DSC, while taking scalability requirements into consideration, participating nodes have equal opportunity to partake in the consensus process.

Universal Connection Layer

The Connection Layer enables Penta to be compatible with other blockchains, with existing networks like online platforms and cloud computing systems, and with off-chain systems. The Penta blockchain is constructed around the interoperability problem so that applications launched on Penta can traverse digital networks to be productive in the real economy.

Dapp Layer

Building on its underlying blockchain infrastructure, Penta offers a high performance DAPP platform that ensures scalability, security and efficiency. The Penta DAPP Layer will empower developers to commercially deploy applications solving real-world issues.

The project has no working product and is still a whitepaper-only work in progress, which means that it’s already at a slight disadvantage over already established project with similar specifications and end-user targets. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be bad for the team to invest some money into marketing and SEO, as you can barely find the company’s website and any information about the project whatsoever.


The Penta platform is still in early development so we shouldn’t be hasty to judge it harshly or jump to conclusions. On paper, many of its aspects look great, however, execution is everything with those sorts of projects. We’ll have to wait and see how things turn out for the Penta platform in the future.


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