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PIVX (PIVX) - Monero Clone

PIVX is an online digital currency using blockchain technology that allows the currency to be easily transferred around the world in seconds...
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PIVX's current price is $0.200 USD. In the past 24 hours, PIVX's price has increased by +19.7 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
76.2 million
Total Supply
76.2 million
7.3 million
Market cap
15.5 million
Fun Name
Monero Clone
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  • Secure transactions
  • Fast transactions


  • Monero Clone
  • No physical backing (asset, profits, commodity)


PIVX is an online digital currency using blockchain technology that allows the currency to be easily transferred around the world in seconds. PIVX focuses on a privacy decentralization, real-world use of the currency, low transaction fees, and anonymity. PIVX labels itself to have “market-leading security & privacy”.The white paper can be viewed at https://bit.ly/2JHwX05

  • Zerocoin Protocol
  • MasterNodes


The Zerocoin Protocol designed by PIVX know as zPIV offers benefits that other coins such as Dash & Bitcoin cannot provide. Zerocoin allows users to have one hundred percent privacy, by converting the publicly viewable PIV into an anonymous PIV. If a user wants to spend zPIV it will appear in a wallet but will not include the history of where the PIV came from. zPIV are created through a process called minting. The process is when the user opens their PIVX wallet, goes to the zPIV minting tab and chooses the amount of PIVX they want to convert into zPIV. This process consumes a very small transaction fee, Minting usually only takes up to three seconds on average. The Zerocoin white paper can be viewed here https://pivx.org/zpiv/

PIVX has MasterNodes that will earn the user rewards based on their availability and ability to provided decentralized network services. The master nodes work as the backbone of the present and future services which will be offered on the PIVX network, they will also provide a slightly higher level of rewards similar to staking. To run a MasterNode you will have to lock in 10,000 PIV and enable the owner to vote on budget and development proposals


PIVX overall is similar to every major coin’s in the market right now apart from one feature the Zerocoin. In my opinion, if PIVX wants to succeed they need to stand out from the rest when writing this article nothing caught my attention the coin is boring and I personally will never touch, use or look at it again. I except this coin to fall out of the top one hundred currencies because of the reason above and lack of experience in their team.


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