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Primas (PST)

Primas (PST) - Plagiarism Prevention

Primas has an interesting idea and they’ve introduced the world to a solution that can actually revolutionize the way we create, share and promote content on the internet..
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Primas's current price is $0.010 USD. In the past 24 hours, Primas's price has decreased by -10.3 percents..
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Primas (PST)
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Active Supply
51.2 million
Total Supply
100.0 million
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Plagiarism Prevention
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  • Over one year old
  • Online security


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Nor listed on over 10 exchanges


Primas is an ecosystem for creation, trading, and promotion of content. The system is based on a win-win strategy where users are treated with personalized feeds and the creators are rewarded for the quality of content they produce.
According to the whitepaper, Primas aims at solving some of the most critical issues every internet user faces nowadays: plagiarism, the lack of content credibility and pitiful quality of content.


Primas has an interesting idea and they’ve introduced the world to a solution that can actually revolutionize the way we create, share and promote content on the internet.
The system has already proven that it’s worth and capabilities in a Beta Test. Unfortunately, it was only available to users from China. (

The Decision board, consultants and investors have already made a name for themselves in the industry. All of the above combined makes Primas seem like a worthwhile investment.
There is one “but”, however. The project is relatively new ergo there is very little information available that has been verified. We are still unsure about price stability scores, sales volume scores, community support, etc. (

What this means is that while Primas looks like an amazing investment on paper, we would still suggest for you to hold on to your money. Even if for a while.

Key features

  • DCTP (Decentralized Trusted Content Protocol)
  • Primas Node
  • Decentralized Hawkeye
  • API integration


DCTP defines what shared between applications based on a unified set of standards for Trusted Content. Unique elements and identifiers are generated in the blockchain network. Such an approach contributes to the entire ecosystem as it:

  • Ensures that each piece of content is unique, cannot be tampered with or modified. Basically, we are talking about a very smart watermark that can’t be removed from a piece of digital property thus securing all rights (and royalties) for the author.
  • Redefines personalization options. The DCTP ensures automated content discovery algorithms that allow for a better reach within an interested audience.
    Primas Node

You can’t force your users to wait for a new block to be confirmed. They want their media feeds active, available, and filled to the brim with engaging content at all times. This is where the Primas Node steps in – it allows users to hop in and out of the network at will, without affecting other members or overpaying for “the gas”.

Today the Hawkeye technology serves the users of Prims by ensuring that all shared content us unique and plagiarism-free. This is a nice touch for the end-user, true. But, in reality, the technology has much more firepower.
In the future, Hawkeye can become the backbone for next-gen search engines thanks to its ability to unify all content on a certain standard. Not to say that this implementation of Hawkeye is critical to the users today, but for investors willing to play the long game, the opportunities for growth are quite impressive.

You can integrate Primas into any existing internet application. In simpler words, third parties will both grow the ecosystem and help content creators from all over the world.

The Primas Token

PST or the Primas Token is the cryptocurrency used inside the Primas ecosystem. One is free to trade or mine PST or, alternatively, one can earn PST through the creation of quality content.
Every content creator will be assigned a Personal Index that basically serves as a credit history. If the creator plays by the rules and generates a product of high quality, the Index will increase. If the creator chooses to cut a few corners and tend to piracy or plagiarism, the index will be reduced significantly.

HP is yet another interesting element of a content-first ecosystem. It works like the energy that juices the sharing mechanics. You will consume some every time you, as a user, like or share a piece. This removes the mindless “like spamming” we see all over social media nowadays.


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