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Project Pai (PAI)

Project Pai (PAI) - Personal AI

Project PAI is the world’s first Personal AI (PAI), a 3D intelligent avatar designed to look like you, speak like you, and behave like you in the digital space...
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Project Pai's current price is $1.000 USD. In the past 24 hours, Project Pai's price has decreased by -0.1 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Project Pai (PAI)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
7.3 million
Total Supply
17.2 million
Market cap
7.3 million
Fun Name
Personal AI
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  • Lots of exchanges


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Under delivered
  • Low quality app


Project PAI is the world’s first Personal AI (PAI), a 3D intelligent avatar designed to look like you, speak like you, and behave like you in the digital space. A person’s PAI is directly owned and managed by the original user, who can be compensated for deploying their PAI online, creating a new AI economy. The AI blockchain protocol enables the decentralization of PAI and contains many layers: authentication, network, storage, and AI. The PAI Network is a decentralized platform built from the protocol, and acts as an avatar repository and foundation for dApps to use PAI in everyday life. As the AI economy grows, the blockchain protocol will be able to be used for purposes beyond PAI and other general broad-domain AI development.


Users will have complete control over how their PAI is used on the network. They can enable their PAI to perform tasks on their behalf in different applications on the PAI blockchain. PAI is secure as all PAI activities leave a footprint on the blockchain and are easily traceable in any case of malicious usage.


On the PAI Network, users can use their PAIs simultaneously on multiple applications for dating, shopping, healthcare, and other services. Deployment on multiple fronts should be a seamless experience for users’ respective PAIs. Owners can check their PAI’s behavior on different applications and alter the PAI’s decision making process through manual improvements and learned behaviors. The presence of PAI across applications on the platform leaves a digital footprint of the user’s PAI on the blockchain. Interoperability is also positively impacted as users do not need to rebuild a PAI profile or set new preferences for every application that is used. User profiles and learned behavior is automatically applied to the PAI on a new application.

Proof of Identification

Proof of Identification on the ecosystem is possible through implementation of the blockchain. Only one PAI is made per individual on the PAI Network, and all activities and interactions are subsequently timestamped and placed on the blockchain. Fake profiles are not possible on the network through data verification performed by Authenticators. If the permissions are set by the user such that their PAI is usable by developers for external use, the user is still able to track the PAI activities to ensure their PAI is not misused for malicious behavior.

Ecosystem Principles

The PAI ecosystem will be built upon four fundamental pillars. PAI will seek to emulate its owner’s behavior and character. The blockchain protocol ensures that all PAI profiles are trustworthy. The PAI network has the ability to fully operate on the owner’s behalf if permission is granted. It is important to note that after the creation of a PAI, each user will join the PAI network, where they can contribute in improving the performance of these expert systems.

So far, there has been a lot of hype and promises, but nothing too exciting has been happening with the project. The only working product they have now is the PAIYO, a digital customizable copy of yourself which can sing in your voice and that’s pretty much it. The app itself looks absolutely terrible and the digital copies of the users look boxy and overall very underwhelming. There’s also a question of how many people will actually bother to use their main product once it comes out, as it doesn’t sound particularly too exciting or innovative. Their whitepaper is full of meaningless tech-babble and buzz words in order to make the project look more elaborate than what it really is, a Talking Tom app with an avatar of yourself instead of the cat.


Overall, the Project PAI is nothing to get too excited over. At its current point of development, it’s a disappointing mobile game and nothing more. There’s nothing revolutionary or innovative about the project at its current state, so it’s best waiting for its core products to be deployed.


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