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QASH (QASH) - Currency Platform

On the surface, QASH isn’t more than your run-off-the-mill Cryptocurrency. It can be traded off like all others and rises and falls in value just like others of its kind...
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QASH's current price is $0.040 USD. In the past 24 hours, QASH's price has decreased by -0.5 percents..
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Price (USD)
Active Supply
813.1 million
Total Supply
1.0 billion
Market cap
34.2 million
Fun Name
Currency Platform
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  • Solid Platform
  • High liquidity


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • New


With so many different currencies out there, how are people with different currencies going to be able to trade with each other? Well, it would seem QASH has a rather elegant solution to this problem. The white paper can be viewed at ( PDF 73 Pages)

What is QASH?

On the surface, QASH isn’t more than your run-off-the-mill cryptocurrency. It can be traded off like all others and rises and falls in value just like others of its kind. The main thing that gives QASH an advantage over the market regarding liquidity, however, is the fact that it is the native currency of the QUOINE LIQUID platform for the cryptocurrency. 

Now QUOINE LIQUID, on the other hand, is no ordinary cryptocurrency platform. As any cryptocurrency veteran will tell you, try trading in anything but the top-rated digital currencies, and you’d find yourself in the hectic (and costly) route of using multiple exchange accounts, arranging transfers between them, and using three-way trades between fiat, Bitcoin/Ethereum, and the coin you want.


To prevent users from this liquidity nightmare, the developers of QUOINE LIQUID sought to solve this problem. And from the looks of it, they’ve done a pretty decent job.

As of the current situation, most cryptocurrencies only let themselves be transferable to a handful of other currencies, with there being no standard currency that each currency can be converted to. QUOINE LIQUID strives to solve this problem by pooling all exchange silos onto one platform through its best feature: The World Book.

The World Book

The World Book is QUOINE’s compiled ledger of all currencies currently being circulated on the digital market, letting users with any currency, no matter how obscure it may be, have a one-stop solution to convert to their desired currency without much of a hassle. 

The record is updated and maintained regularly. When a user requests an exchange between currencies, the World Book looks up all matches between the user’s currency and the desired currency. Through a long loop of conversions (that the user needn’t thankfully suffer through) is able to provide virtually direct conversion between any two currencies in its listing (provided you sign up for Prime Brokerage, which lets you convert seamlessly between any two currencies. Otherwise, you might need to make accounts on the two currencies individually).

The QASH Token

As explained before, the real magic of the system lies in the capability of QUOINE’s World Book. However, the only way to access this convenient system is to invest in QUOINE’s native currency QASH, which the users would pay in accordance with every service they use on the platform. But that’s not the only incentive for investing in QASH. Holders may also receive discounts, promotional products, and ICO investment opportunities with coins that QUOINE helps to launch. Makes it much of a greater bargain doesn’t it?

While the QASH venture is relatively new to the market (set to be released sometime in 2018) and hasn’t established itself in the market, it does hold some immense potential, what with the incredible liquidity it can offer to its clients.


The team behind QASH also appears to be one of the people skilled in both business and cryptocurrency marketing, so the project appears to be in good hands, though only time will tell if they’re able to pull this off.


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