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QLC Chain (QLC)

QLC Chain (QLC) - Mobile Token

The QLC chain aims to create the first ever decentralized mobile network, offering various services that aim to tackle the challenges facing the telecom industry today...
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QLC Chain's current price is $0.030 USD. In the past 24 hours, QLC Chain's price has decreased by -0.0 percents..
Name (Ticker)
QLC Chain (QLC)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
600.0 million
Total Supply
600.0 million
Max Supply
600.0 million
Market cap
19.5 million
Fun Name
Mobile Token
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  • Good Idea
  • Lots of exchanges


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Poor execution


The QLC chain aims to create the first ever decentralized mobile network, offering various services that aim to tackle the challenges facing the telecom industry today, like cyber-security threats, coverage and speed obstacles as well as decreasing return on investments.

QLC Chain’s ICO went on for a month, during that time, the company managed to raise around $19 000 000.

  • Qlink Platform
  • Structure
  • Token

The QLC chain provides telecom services via the Qlink network. The platform’s decentralized network provides telecom service through an infrastructure composed of telecom assets, smart contracts, mobile operators, content providers and users. Qlink also makes it possible for various telecom assets to be registered and tracked. Owners of those assets can then share their usage rights with other users via smart contracts, allowing owners to monetize their ownership by being rewarded with QLC tokens.

Qlink’s network is based on a dual-chain principle. The Public Chain is used to register telecom assets and grant them a digital identity. A digital identity represents the asset on the Qlink network, containing unique information relevant to it. The NEO platform is used by Qlink for telecom asset registration on the blockchain.

The Qlink chain is an algorithmic smart contract that establishes the rules and automatically executes transactions. Qlink will provide for multiple services through the Qlink app, including Wi-fi sharing, mobile data access and enterprise-to-peer SMS service.

The QLC token will circulate within the Qlink platform. QLC tokens are used to pay for the various services that the platform provides, as well as rewarding users for viewing sponsored content. QLC is a NEP-5 token, which means it’s compliant to the NEO blockchain.

Qlink is an ambitious project to say the least, and while that’s not always a bad thing, in order for the project to be successful, it would need a lot of telecom partnerships. Even now, typing “Qlink” in google won’t even result in the company’s site showing on the first page, with that’s its fair to say that’s improbable that any large telecom companies will bother to host services or implement Qlink.


QLC chain is a project with a good idea and a rather poor execution. The technology behind the project is good and has went as far as scoring the company a joint venture with Montnets Group to develop blockchain-based telecommunication services. This, however, doesn’t mean that Montnets will host anything on the Qlink platform, for which there’s zero information aside from the whitepaper, but is overall good news, especially for investors. Overall, the project is solid but the company needs to invest in further marketing, SEO and speed up development on the projects mentioned in the whitepaper.


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