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Refereum (RFR)

Refereum (RFR) - Quest Coin

Refereum attempts to help individual content creators, especially ones with a smaller follower count optimize their revenue over time in the game entertainment industry, specifically in the game streaming arena...
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Refereum's current price is $0.010 USD. In the past 24 hours, Refereum's price has decreased by -0.0 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Refereum (RFR)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
4.9 billion
Total Supply
5.0 billion
Market cap
26.0 million
Fun Name
Quest Coin
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  • Solid project
  • Lots of exchanges


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Loose timeline
  • Limited vision


The phenomenon of videogame streaming and content creation is taking the internet by storm. Companies like youtube and twitch are bringing in millions of dollars in revenue from hundreds of games being streamed by gaming influencers all over the world. Refereum aims to capitalize on this by becoming the platform for referral-marketing in the gaming entertainment industry.

Refereum managed to raise $40 000 000 dollars during the duration of the crowdsale, reaching the hardcap in just under a month.

  • Platform
  • Developers
  • Token

Refereum attempts to help individual content creators, especially ones with a smaller follower count optimize their revenue. Current means of compensation fall victim to numerous large centralized paltforms who use their standing to force their policies over their users and in most time contributions through donations just don’t cut it. The platform is helps different ends of the chain via different means.

Developers are able to improve their marketing campaigns and are no longer tied to paying upfront for campaigns with uncertain return on investment. The fact that Refereum is based on the blockchain means that middlemen are removed and developers are able to save a considerable amount on fees and legal-paperwork. The platform helps streamers and influencers to further monetize their following. Instead of waiting to be approached by ad agencies they can choose to monetize relevant content for their followers via referals.

The ERC20 RFR token is the core of the Refereum ecosystem. The token can be used to buy games, game developers can use it to feature their game and fund additional engagement and sellers of digital goods can use it to pay for product listings, all doable on

There are two general issues with Refereum. One is that the roadmap lacks a clear vision and a sense of direction. The second one is that they supposedly did not disclose presale bonus. Aside from that, Refereum pretty much checks out.


Refereum is a solid project overall. It definitely brings something new to the table that would greatly benefit the industry of video game content creators and the sector as a whole. The company already has a working product which is always nice to have, especially in cryptocurrency where there are ICOs that raise millions for just a whitepaper and a promise. Definitely put Refereum on your watchlist, as it’s bound to find its place as the streaming segment of video entertainment continues to expand.


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