Ren (REN) Review, Price, Market Cap and more | Coinopsy

Ren (REN) Review, Price, Market Cap and more | Coinopsy

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Ren (REN) - Open Liquidity

The REN token acts as a bond that is necessary to run Darknodes. Although the network is permissionless, the bond serves to organize a stable network and not to let malicious adversaries interfere.
Name (Ticker)
Ren (REN)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
850.9 million
Total Supply
1.0 billion
4.8 million
Market cap
54.6 million
Fun Name
Open Liquidity
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Ren (REN) Company Message

Ren allows the free movement of value between all blockchains and transfer of tokens in zero-knowledge. Unlocking new liquidity and resources to power a new wave of value in the open finance movement.

With Ren all decentralized applications can run in secret, preserving the privacy of all users and data.


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