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Rentible (RNB)

Rentible (RNB) - OnChain Renting

A groundbreaking solution bringing decentralized-Proptech to the masses and enabling tenants and landlords to conveniently send and receive rental payments in different cryptocurrencies.
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Rentible's current price is $0.680 USD. In the past 24 hours, Rentible's price has decreased by -5.1 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Rentible (RNB)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
1.8 million
Total Supply
3.5 million
Max Supply
3.5 million
Market cap
1.2 million
Fun Name
OnChain Renting
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  • Interesting Idea
  • Market with potential growth
  • Has utility
  • Solid Whitepaper
  • Team listed


  • Not over 12 months old
  • Not on over 5 exchanges
  • No working platform
  • High gas fees


  • How to buy

You can purchase RNB ($RNB) token on uniswap or other supported exchanges as may be announced on official channels.

  • How to store

RNB is an ERC-20 token and can be stored in any supporting ERC-20
Wallet, such as MetaMask or Trust wallet

  • Is there a minimum steaking duration 

As a special promotion and rewards mechanism for early adopters, a purpose built staking feature will enable first waves of token holders to be generously rewarded over a period of 12 months for staking their tokens and supporting the ecosystem’s growth. A total of 350,000 RNB tokens have been allocated for this aim


Rentible is all about advancing the mass move towards a decentralized proptech-economy. It is set to achieve its goals by crypto-incentivization, a mass-adoption-ready intuitive platform, employment of DeFi principles with trustless smart contracts for generating unprecedented value for participants and remedying outdated problems that are currently rife in the market.

Our vision for an autonomous, transparent, user-friendly platform that will inject the industry-disruptive capabilities of blockchain technology into Proptech, from applying immutable records of property deeds and fraud prevention, through staking pools enabling participants to draw loans for short-term rental payments, and to making sending and receiving rent payments and deposits in cryptocurrency between tenants and landlords as easy as a click of a button are explained in this document, detailing the following:

The ecosystem: automating processes and services across a decentralized ecosystem

The technology: how blockchain technology can be best implemented & utilized in this sector of the industry

The market: the scope, the need, the possibilities and the unique opportunity


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How to buy

How to buy