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Revain (R)

Revain (R) - Review

Revain is a token that allows you to review things without the chance of tampered results, like movies, books, stocks, restaurants and even currencies...
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Revain's current price is $0.990 USD. In the past 24 hours, Revain's price has decreased by -0.5 percents..
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Revain (R)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
15.8 million
Total Supply
14.4 million
Market cap
15.7 million
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  • Good idea
  • Has potential over time


  • Overpriced software
  • Small platform
  • Untested and new


Revain is a token that allows reviews on the blockchain, this basically mean that every review made has a transaction id and can only be made from real people with real wallets. They claim to use advanced AI and filtration systems that stops spam or fake reviews.

I am a big fan of this idea, I think reviews need to unbiased and be helpful to the person looking at the point of interest or the item.

If you look at movie sites like rotten tomatoes and IMDB that have 1000s and 1000s of users and yet movie reviews can be so different, well past the margin of error. Movies will have a rating of 8.2/10 on IMDB and a rating of 40% on Rotten tomatoes. This is well and truly past any kind of margin of error, so there must be corruption on ether review sites or by movie makers.

Even with all that, I do not think Revain will be the solution, there platform is not finished. The user base is small and even with them on the blockchain with smart contracts, they are still susceptible to manipulation of the numbers.

They have maybe 1 million worth of software and a 500 million dollar market cap. Top review sites took lots of time to become successful. I would guess that Revain has over a 70% chance of failing.


The way to the best reviews on any giving subject is a unbiased poll from people who have high trust. For example 100 top notch movie/restaurant critics that have built up a reputation for being accurate and fair. Review a movie/restaurant, it will be more accurate than 100,000 with no trust ranking. I’m sure it will be close but not as good as the 100. 100,000 critics with reputation and trust would be very accurate, but hard to fund, find and would only work on very well known movies and places. Due to limitations.

Summary, this token need to have millions of members with a selection process and amazing segmentation. Could it beat out the top sites like yelp, IMDB, coimmarketcap and booking. It is possible but they would need to have a lot of time funding and knowledge.


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