Rublix (RBLX)

Rublix (RBLX) -
Banking Service

Basic Intro

Name (Ticker)
Rublix (RBLX)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
20.8 million
Total Supply
20.8 million
Volume (24H)
4.9 million
Fun Name
Banking Service
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Rublix is a blockchain-powered bitcoin banking service. It focuses on blockchain transactions to make it easier for bitcoin-oriented transactions to be supported as needed.

Such transactions are organized with complicated technical information that needs to be analyzed properly. Rublix makes it easier for such items to be reviewed carefully.

Rublix focuses on identifying different types of markets and ensures that various forms of support can be handled as needed.

The goal is to reduce the general risks that come with many decentralized markets. This helps traders and investors alike with managing a number of different transactions as needed.



Centurio is a wallet that protects currencies and works with a setup that converts information carefully. This includes making sure that all currency information is sent out carefully online without being overly difficult to maintain.

All information reviewed by Rublix is made to be easy to follow and not all that complicated. When used right, it becomes very easy for people to use for all the requirements they have. This can certainly do well for anyone aiming to do more with certain bitcoin transactions in mind.

The programs are also fully integrated to be very easy to read on any desktop computer. It offers a strong body that is simple and easy to read and does not entail any complicated functions. It is suitable for a number of people aiming to get the most out of their many different computing needs.


Rublix’s decentralized application “HedgeTrade” is a platform uniquely designed for trading predictions, analysis and education. Traders can post trading predictions in the form of a smart contract-powered “Blueprint” and get rewarded for accurate information. Hedge is an analysis tool that takes in more critical data on bitcoins and other cryptocurrency concepts and gathers everything in a variety of forms.

The information that is applied is organized to be easy to follow without being overly complicated. It essentially allows users to:

  • Learn from Blockchain-verified traders
  • Earn rewards for high-quality content
  • Join a community focused on successful trading