Sand Coin (SND)

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Sand Coin is a blockchain derivative based on physical sand. The driving force was raising capital to mine sand from land owned by the company. Each coin offered is backed by one cubic metre of sand.

Our Joke Name

Sand Coin = Real Sand

Basic Intro

Link to the main website

Link to price/market cap

Exchange Ticker (SND)

Coin or Token

Max supply  (2,684,319 )

Block time (under 60 seconds)

Market Cap Ranking


Key Features

  • Sand Backed
  • Physical Sand Mining
  • Second Mine


Sand Backed

The crowd sale involved 3 400 000 coins, which is equal to one quarter of the minable sand on site.  It is expected the price of one sand coin, at offering, will hover around one dollar. However, in the future mined sand should fetch around five dollars at market.  Uniquely, owners of Sand Coin will have the right to exchange their coin for physical sand.

Physical Sand Mining

The Sand Coin company owns 269 acres of land, approximately 60km from Moscow, Russia. This land is to be used to mine sand to supply various projects in the area, mainly roads.

According to Ruslan Pichuginhe, CEO of Sand Coin, the Russian government is quite open toward crypto currency, and he is more than happy to work with officials going forward. Pichuginis isn’t just interested in business; he also has a law background and is confident of working through any potential legal issues. Further discussion from Pichuginis can be found in an interview with predictive linguistic, Cliff High.

Second Mine

Minable sand isn’t infinite, and after approximately 13.5 years it is expected the mine will be exhausted. However, Sand Coin has clear plans past this stage, which involve acquiring a second mine and continuing the process. Their road map shows the quarry process starting in May 2018 and a second mine purchase by 2020.  A more comprehensive, but easy to understand, business plan, can be found in their whitepaper.


Derivative value is dependent on the underlying asset, sand in this case. Arguably, if this company can successfully mine and bring the asset to market, Sand Coin should be a safe bet.

However, don’t expect to make huge gains as the price of sand is not likely to fluctuate wildly. This might be off putting to those looking to cash in on early blockchain speculation, but will no doubt  appeal to the more risk adverse investor.


  • Sand Backed


  • Sand -_-