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Santiment Network Token (SAN)

Santiment Network Token (SAN) - Market Watch

Santiment is a platform for crypto currency that shows users the true state of the market. Santiment data feeds give clear, trustworthy information on crowd sentiment and blockchai..
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Santiment Network Token's current price is $0.060 USD. In the past 24 hours, Santiment Network Token's price has increased by +3.9 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Santiment Network Token (SAN)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
64.0 million
Total Supply
83.3 million
Market cap
3.7 million
Fun Name
Market Watch
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  • Good Project
  • Solid Team


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Strong competition
  • Possible fraud


Santiment is a platform for cryptocurrency that shows users the true state of the market. Santiment data feeds give clear, trustworthy information on crowd sentiment and blockchain analytics, allowing users to trade confidently and mitigate risk. It provides blockchain feeds, sentiment data feeds and a crowdsourced database in order to accurately measure the state of a given cryptocurrency market.

The Santiment Network team, based out of Switzerland, managed to raise over $12 000 000, or 45 000ETH at the time.

  • Content Streams
  • Santiment Databes
  • Datafeeds

The Santiment Network utilizes content streams that participants will be able to choose from according to their investing style. Some streams will focus on large cap coins, some on small caps, and other will be oriented toward initial token sales. These streams are focused on providing definitive information that the market finds interesting and questions it wants answered, making the cryptocurrency environment more transparent, secure and professional. Of course, the possibility of scammers and people with bad intentions that will provide fake information exists, however, a team of experts in analysis will be responsible for exposing them.

The Santiment Database will be an open database where all types of information about a certain project and its economics are stored. Updates to the information within the database will be crowdsourced, but the submissions will be vetted by the platform’s team of analysts.

In order to back content claims with valid data, Santiment will make use of a multitude of cryptocurrency datafeeds that give investors and traders the hard numbers, based on which they can make predictions on the market’s performance. Three kinds of datafeeds will be in place.

Sentiment datafeeds provide information about the general climate of the sector and how participants currently feel about it.

Blockchain datafeeds will make use of existing blockchain scanner partnerships in order to provide advanced feeds containing valuable information about blockchain activity screening and behavior.

The third datafeed provides information about crowd contributions at a massive scale, supplying users with key information that is hard to obtain.

The Santiment Network does not have any big issues. However, it does face some strong competition from similar platforms like Cindicator, which is much more advanced in terms of development and user base, even having some much more preferable features than the Santiment Network.


Overall, Santiment Network is a decent project. The team behind the project is knowledgeable and the platform has scored some investments from other crypto projects like Iconomi and despite the competition, Santiment’s unique features provide a big opportunity for it to be able to coexist with other similar platforms.