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The Scroll Network is designed to store data in blocks on a well-protected blockchain that will help to guarantee privacy. All data that is transferred on the network will happen via block to block.

Joke Name

Scroll Token = Store Data

Basic Intro

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Exchange Ticker (SCRL)

Coin or Token

Circulating Supply (153 Million)

Total Supply (1 Billion)

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The Scroll Network is designed to store data in blocks on a well-protected blockchain that will help to guarantee privacy. All data that is transferred on the network will happen via block to block and at an enterprise level of efficiency with appropriate transaction rates. The Scroll Network is derived superior blockchain data management solutions that process all transactions at an incredible speed and rate, costing literally fractions of a penny. The platform is also claims to be completely secure when it comes to storing and transferring data while at the same time scaling as the Scroll Network’s popularity and usage increases or subsequently decreases.


The SCRL token sale went on pretty unnoticed. The company, based out of the US managed to raise $1 000 000 for their project.

Key Features:

  • SlideDrive
  • Aster Supply Chain Network
  • Osier Blockchain Communication


SlideDrive is a universal desktop and mobile platform that provides access and a means to transfer encrypted files to and from all registered devices on a user’s SlideDrive account. SlideDrive grants convenient accessibility to the user’s files without any dependence on the cloud or need to pre-emptively store your files in multiple locations. When files are kept in the cloud, they are stored on a company’s server waiting to be stolen in the next data breach. Unlike third party cloud services, the company takes no rights or claims to any data that the users transfer.

Aster Supply Chain Network

Aster is designed to integrate with existing data management platforms to constantly optimize the efficiency of data transmitted, structured, and analyzed to initiate a dynamic response to decrease the time it takes for a product to go from the hands of the supplier ultimately to the consumer. Artificial intelligence predicts the pathway of a data pipeline to streamline a process. Aster plans to incorporate peer to peer networking, smart contracts and artificial intelligence to optimize a given unique and dynamic supply chain management work flow. Dedicated nodes designated to perform a sequence of transaction processing protocols quicken the end to end flow of information in a supply chain by disseminating information with more efficiency and granularity.

Osier Blockchain Communicaiton

Osier is the blockchain protocol within the Scroll Network that is responsive to the communication needs within the network. To be a true business blockchain, there needs to be a method to communicate across corporate lines or across separate side chains. Osier is a development effort working towards the solution to provide possibility of communication between multiple side-chains with separate ecosystems as well the need to display variation of blockchain states dependent on the users


While there’s nothing inherently wrong with the Scrolll Netowork, there hasn’t been much interest in the project. Aside from the lack of marketing, there are a ton of competing projects out there that simply do what Scroll does better. The project didn’t raise a significant amount during their crowdsale which is really a source of their struggles, even though they have working products out and running.


The Scroll network is definitely not a project to get FOMO over. It’s noting too exciting and there’s an overall lack of information about who runs the company or where the team operates out of. Definitely approach with caution.


  • Limited


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Limited exchanges
  • Lack of marketing
  • Lack of informtion