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According to SIRIN LABS, their OS is the only mobile operating system on the market that is capable of safely storing as well as using crypto.

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Sirin Labs = Block Phone

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Circulating Supply (491 Million)

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SIRIN LABS is developing FINNEY, a blockchain-first secure smartphone with a built-in cold wallet storage. The phone itself is expected to hit the market within a couple of days from the publication of this review. You’ll get a chance to purchase this state-of-the-art marvel on November 29th, 2018. The smartphone’s main features are its layers of data protection, a unique OS and accessibility to a custom Decentralized Application Center. FINNEY will be sold for $999.


  • Sirin OS
  • Asset protection
  • dCENTER for Dapps


  • Camera: 12MP main/8MP selfie
  • Display: 6” notch design/2” multi-touch safe screen
  • Storage: 128GB
  • SD card: Yes
  • Cold Storage: Built-in

Sirin OS

According to SIRIN LABS, their OS is the only mobile operating system on the market that is capable of safely storing as well as using crypto. That being said, SIRIN OS also provides a full-blown Android experience for its users.

In simpler words, you’ll have the mobile device you are already used with access to all of its native features and the App Store. The only difference is that SIRIN OS is enhanced in a way to handle crypto.

The phone will have a built-in safe screen for convenient access to your wallet and it will also support an app store composed of numerous dapps to further enhance your blockchain experience and to spread the awareness of countless possibilities cryptocurrencies offer.

FINNEY also provides a Token Conversion Service that automates the exchange between the coins and tokens that are currently supported.

Asset protection

The software is only as strong as the hardware that runs it. Your new phone will have an embedded cold storage, true but what makes it a better solution than, say, a flash drive?

  • SIRIN LABS have developed an IPS or Intrusion Prevention System that’s based on your behavioral patterns. In simpler words, the phone will know if you are the one using it.
  • Biometric authentication is also in place as the second layer of protection.
  • The Lock Pattern protection on the screen is the third line of defense before the password itself.
  •  VoIP, texts, and email communications are also protected to sweeten the deal even further.

All in all, your coins should be as safe in this phone as in a Bank that conveniently fits in your pocket and lets you check out the twitter feed on demand. Awesome!

Dapp store

Access a unified store for a decentralized application, explore new projects, trade assets and invest in new, prosperous blockchain solution all from a single device you are using anyway on a daily basis. What else is there to say?

SNR Token

FINNEY supports a custom utility token that serves as the economic hearth of the ecosystem (The phone, the OS, and the dapp store). The token has a good use as it serves as an intermediary in the automated Token Conversion Service we’ve mentioned earlier.


SIRIN LABS have created an interesting product that will definitely pique the interest of countless crypto enthusiasts. The phone is also catered to those of us who value privacy on hand-held devices thus expanding the market even further.

To top things off, FINNEY is one of the few Blockchain Projects nowadays that deliver physical hardware that can be bought in a brick and mortar store – a product that can be touched and felt by real people in real life. These factors are enough to have a good outlook on the project.


  • Physical product
  • Useful product
  • Own OS
  • Good marketing
  • Lots of exchanges


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Not time tested