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SnapCoin (SNPC)
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Media Token
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Snapparazzi is an independent media advertising and sharing platform that is decentralized and independent. The platform utilizes blockchain and offers everyone SnapCoin rewards. It seeks to solve the incomplete media coverage problem.

The application also seeks to bridge the gap where there is no timely reach of the media. When something happens, anyone can take a footage using a smart phone and the Snapparazzi app, and then earn money by selling it to various buyers who will be willing to broadcast it whether it’s a local news outlet or an online news media.

Snapparazzi seeks to make great changes to the digital and video-on-demand spending market. The platform will have members all over the world to provide authentic news, which will be broadcasted using a decentralized reward system.



It’s not clearly clarified if Snapparazzi is able to deal with bad actors on the platform. What’s stopping individuals from uploading fabricated stories and fake news? Trust in media has been declining the last couple of years, with fake news and biased coverage being the main reason for that. Snapparazzi has no apparent way to deal with this.

Snapparazzi Features

There is revenue sharing between the owner of the footage and the platform. This revenue comes from the traders who advertise their services on the platform. The revenue is paid in SnapCoins and allows the viewers to earn from viewing the footage on the platform, who are equally rewarded in SnapCoins.

Once the footage is uploaded to the platform, different media outlets will bid for it. The highest bidder will be allowed to use the footage and thus allowing the owner to get the best price from the highest bidder.

Media Sharing

The Snapparazzi platform allows users to record video footage and photos of events that they come across. It’s possible and easy to share the video using the platform and share with it whomever you feel like.

You can either sell it, get snap coins or you can earn some coins when you watch. Also, some profits are shared with the owner of the footage. Some of the money will come from the viewers watching the advertisements that will run on the platform.

Geo-Location Technology

The platform makes use of the geo-location technology to get in touch directly with the wannabe reporters. A breaking news alert is sent to inform the people near the scene that an opportunity to record and report is available. The platform also allows users to moderate on their video footage and this enables them to accelerate their earnings.