Spectre AI (SXDT)

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Spectre.AI is one of the first broker-less regulated platform for financial trading in the world. It is designed to remove the middleman or the intermediary from the equation.

Joke Name

Spectre AI = Dividend Token

Basic Intro

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Exchange Ticker (SXDT)

Coin or Token

Circulating Supply (82 million)

Total Supply (140 million)

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Spectre.AI is one of the first broker-less regulated platform for financial trading in the world. It is designed to remove the middleman or the intermediary from the equation allowing traders to trade directly against a financial market from the get-go.


  • No brokers
  • No deposits
  • Amazing contract range
  • Smart verification

No brokers

Spectre.AI uses an intricate, crowd-sourced technology that allows direct trading against Spectre’s own liquidity pool or against other traders. Smart Contracts ensure security of the deals and operate as the perfect, unbiased arbiter making the overall ecosystem friendlier, simpler, and safer for everybody involved.
In simpler words, there simply isn’t a need for a third party of any kind that takes a commission for shady services.

No deposits

How does your run in the mill trading platform operate? It takes the money of a trader as a deposit that can be used for operations within the system. Such an approach raises a serious issue – your trading platform is essentially interested in your loss as they would rather your money to stay with them, and not in your wallet.

Spectre.AI, on the other hand, operates in a different manner. They earn a fee for their services based on trade volumes meaning that the platform has no interest in any particular outcome. Neither a win nor a loss is preferable to Spectre.

This is why Spectre can afford to allow deposit-less trades. A crypto wallet is all you’ll need to start trading which is a safer, and a much simpler alternative to the usual trading platforms.

Amazing contract range

Spectre.AI has a system in place that allows unique Smart Options trades. Smart options are a brand new contract-class that has a verified outcome and has been known to result in 200% payouts within minutes after the trade has been sealed.

Smart Options can be used for:

  • Crypto pair trading
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • ETFs
  • And more

Smart verification

What happens to your money after you trade? In a traditional trading platform – who knows? Everything happens behind the curtains because “security reasons”.
Spectre.AI brings transparency to a new level as every trade in the system is confirmed by miners and is then held within a public ledger for verification.

Crowdsourced liquidity

We’ve mentioned that traders can trade against each other or against Spectre’s own liquidity pool. And while everything is clear with the first option, how dos the latter work?

Spectre.AI have designed their own crowdsourced liquidity pool in a way that is perfectly visible to the traders at all times. Said liquidity is additionally protected allowing traders a chance to sink their teeth into something that’s as solid as a rock without breaking any teeth.


Specte.AI is an interesting platform with a rather unique take on trading. It seems to be designed with the issues traders are facing in mind making trading as a whole a safer, more transparent process. Is the industry in need for a solution like that today?

It definitely is.
In simpler words, more and more traders will likely use Spectre.AI adding value to the coin and the platform.


  • Clean website
  • Good platform


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Possible regulation
  • Limited exchanges