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STASIS EURS (EURS) - Fiat Crypto

STASIS EURS brings the reliability of fiat currencies into the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. Its token, the EURS, mirrors the Euro if the value is tied to collateral...
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STASIS EURS's current price is $1.060 USD. In the past 24 hours, STASIS EURS's price has decreased by -0.9 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
124.1 million
Total Supply
124.1 million
Max Supply
124.1 million
1.6 million
Market cap
131.4 million
Fun Name
Fiat Crypto
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  • Deflationary


STASIS EURS brings the reliability of fiat currencies into the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. Its token, the EURS, mirrors the Euro if the value is tied to collateral.

The project is based on the STASIS ecosystem of frameworks that implemented to deliver the benefits of both worlds – digital as well as physical – to the user.

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  • How it works?
  • No need for GAS
  • Demand?
  • How can the community use STASIS EURS then?
  • The team
  • Positive press

STASIS EURUS is not a solution for newbie investors or scalpers who still lack the experience. The ecosystem seems to be designed for seasoned professionals from the traditional financial system to operate in the cryptocurrency market.

STASIS merges the benefits of digital assets with the reliability of traditional ones via the EUROS token. Not only does the token mirror the Euro currency, but in doing so, it also enhances liquidity assurance.

The system as a whole works as a cushion, because an investor is not hardwired into purchasing other currencies. The ecosystem allows for investing in securities as well. Then said securities can be sold to STASIS’s own liquidity providers.

Smart contracts are a pretty handy thing. They are, indeed, changing the entire economical playing field across the globe. Is a GAS fee really that big of a price to pay?

Yes. Yes, it is, especially in those cases where the fee is not necessary.

REUS holders, for example, have no need for GAS inventories as the GAS fees are not involved in any transactions regulated but the STASIS smart contract.

A cryptocurrency is only viable if it is in demand. That is why it is important to check any and all potential use cases of a certain token before diving into its benefits.

International transactions: Fast, secure transaction on the blockchain. No middleman. And no volatility, as the currency is tied to a fiat currency.

Volatility control: Speaking of volatility, EURS has collateralization mechanisms in place so your assets will always be assets. They won’t grow in value as fast though.

Tokenization: The technology is already there and so are the collateralization mechanisms. There is nothing preventing the ecosystem from transforming any other types of assets into tokens other than the lack of demand. But, once such a need arises, the technology to serve a solution is already here.

STASIS EURS is proud with quite the team at the wheel. Nearly every member of the project comes from a finance and/or fintech background and the advisors have proven track records in asset management, accounting, and business development.

The project has had a lot of positive press recently. And we don’t just mean the crypto-centric publications like the Bitcoin Magazine. STASIS was talked about on Forbes, CNN, Wall Street Italy, and Yahoo.

Press coverage like that will continue bringing attention to the project. That attention, as we all know, is the same thing as actual money on the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.


STASIS seems like a stable, reliable, transparent blockchain project that is developed by an experienced team and backed by actual market demand. We can’t see anything going wrong with the project if they’ll be keeping up the good work.


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