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Status (SNT) is a mobile operating system that allows users to talk through a browser and private messenger apps. Status provides you access to all of Ethereum’s decentralized app
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Status's current price is $0.020 USD. In the past 24 hours, Status's price has decreased by -1.6 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Status (SNT)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
4.0 billion
Total Supply
6.8 billion
1.3 million
Market cap
93.0 million
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  • open-source
  • community-based project


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)


Mobile OS

Status (SNT) is a mobile operating system that allows users to communicate through a decentralized browser and private messenger application. Status provides you access to all of Ethereum’s decentralized applications (DApps) through an app on your smartphone, in one whole allows you to connect to the Ethereum network on the go in the palm of your hand. This allows mass adoption of Ethereum DApps by targeting the fast-growing mobile industry that grows rapidly daily. 

White Paper

It essentially is a decentralized platform that allows developers design their own Smart Contracts. The white paper can be viewed at (35 Pages).


Overall Status shows great potential, it provides both social networking and blockchain features. It’s open-source and is a community-based project, Status has taken a unique approach giving its users the power to decide how its platform will be governed and further developed in future. They have plenty of features and with more DApps coming to the Status application they will really benefit. Definitely, keep up to date with this project to potentially make some dollar bills or be part of an awesome community it’s your choice take it or leave it.

Other Token Dapps


Since the creation of Ethereum, the amount of decentralized DApps available on its network has skyrocketed. To solve this problem, Status plans to launch a Decentralized Application Directory that will be curated by its members. This will be similar to an App Store / Play Store where users can download top rated or trending applications.

Status in late 2017 developed a wallet called the “status hard wallet” why is it a key feature is because it doesn’t need to be wired to complete transactions. It simply lets you receive, store and send SNT, ETH and ERC-20 tokens wirelessly via built-in-NFC. Another key aspect is that it’s mobile ready and users can inspect and edit the open-source code for it to tailor their needs.

Some competitors of Status that are centralized are WeChat, Whatsapp, and line. How Status is more beneficial than these major companies it has a decentralized platform compared to competitors who have a central point of authority. Status, unlike competitors who offer “free” push notifications on their social network, Status doesn’t profit from ads or by selling customers information to retailers *insert Facebook joke*. Status believes in giving you a choice in all matters, hence the reason why you’ll be charged microtransactions for notification and storage. Finally Status breaks the “Legacy Social Network” that competitors thrive off, the certainly make it clear Status is by the people for the people.


Status Network Token

The status network token is the bloodline of this project, status is free to use to communicate but if a user is wanting to access status mobile Ethereum client they will need to use SNT. Status Network Token is also key as users holding tokens are able to control how the network develops over time and what influence it has on new members.

New Design

Status aims to remove the “Legacy Social Network Design” which is when you have an owner, users, and advertiser in one whole the only people who benefit money wise is the owner and advertisers. Status removes this design with the assistance of SNT, Status allows users to become stakeholders. As a Status user, you’re able to be in complete control of what information you share, and you can vote on the future development of its decentralized network. Status is breaking the sequence many other social networks have and allow users to benefit not only content wise but by income as well.


The Status mobile application is available for Android and IOS, as an open-source platform that connects to all of Ethereum DApps, Status has great potential as it’s features are limitless. Status currently only supports seven DApps that allows your device to access the entire Ethereum Ecosystem from your fingertips.

  • uPort – A self-sovereign identity system
  • Gnosis – Allows users to make complex market predictions
  • Oasis Exchange – Digital exchange between ETH and ERC20 Token
  • Ethlance – Hire or work for cryptocurrency, a decentralized workplace
  • Aragon – Create companies & organizations without borders
  • Ethersic – Decentralized insurance platform
  • Ujo – Create and control your own content

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