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Storiqa (STQ)

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With price drops and limited trading, Storiqa is possibly a scam or has been abandoned. This also includes limited activity on social media and claims the developers have given up..
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Storiqa's current price is $0.000 USD. In the past 24 hours, Storiqa's price has increased by +3204.9 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Storiqa (STQ)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
11.3 billion
Total Supply
11.3 billion
Market cap
4.2 million
Fun Name
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  • Still available to trade on many exchanges


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Platform not out yet.
  • Price is under 1/100th from the peek
  • Social media looks to be inactive
  • The website looks to be down
  • The whitepaper looks to be down


With the cons of this token building up, it is a possible scam or abandonment. 

Possible Abandonment

  • Things like website and whitepaper being down.
  • Mentions on Bitcoin Talk of the Token being abandoned.
  • Also the massive drop in price and volume over the last year.
  • No posts on their Medium/FB/Twitter page since March 2019

With this many Red Flags we would not trade or own this token.


Team General Objective Problems Solved


Pavel Maltsev - Project Manager

Sergey Prilutskiy - Blockchain Developer

Anton Alekseenko - Head of PR

Elena Lvova - Employed Brand Manager

Anna Karbysheva - SMM Manager

Aleksey Levenets - Front-end Developer

Yury Vasilchikov - Front-end Developer

Ruslan Tugushev - CEO, Co-founder

More team details on ICO Bench

General Objective

Online Store

The general objective is to enable organizations to build an online store on blockchain. Organizations can set up their business framework for the changing economy. 

Storiqa utilizes contracts and payments through different digital currencies. Anything but difficult to set up an online store. You can assemble a store in only 10 minutes on the web and instantly start exploiting blockchain’s advantages.

Commercial Center

The Storiqa commercial center has been converted into six dialects, which makes it simple for entrepreneurs to take advantage of outside business sectors. 

This also includes an assortment of tools and assets for entrepreneurs, including client input frameworks, accounting stages, deals investigation devices, publicizing and special stages, and that’s just the beginning.

Problems Solved

Online Payments

Online payments are ok but this crypto sets out to improve this. Exchanging cash between a client and a business requires a middleman and some fees. 

Stage forms payments that utilize any cash of your decision set against the cryptocurrency cost (controlled by the dealer). Then contracts make exchanges quick and secure. The contract conveys payments between the purchaser and merchant once the request has been confirmed.

Track Actions

Storiqa enables organizations to track clients’ action in a straightforward Way. Organizations can accumulate, dissect, and process client information through the stage’s worked in devices.

Storiqa offers an incorporated communication benefit that permits store proprietors to get input calls from their customers with constrained setup time required. Proprietors can spare and playback recorded calls, screen the execution of call focus directors and accumulate input rapidly.

Close to Dead

Facebook News

Twitter News

Close to Dead

The market cap of this token was around 100 Million back in the peek of 2018, now it only trades with a market cap under 1 Million and a price of $0.000082.

In simple terms if you brought 100 dollars of this token in the peek of 2018 you would have under one dollar now. 

The website looks to be under development now or possibly removed.

The white paper looks to be removed also.