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Swipe (SXP)

Swipe (SXP) - Utility Token

The Swipe Wallet has been designed to require Swipe Tokens SXP to perform all functions and utility of the Wallet including to use the services and to make withdraws.
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Swipe's current price is $0.410 USD. In the past 24 hours, Swipe's price has increased by +0.4 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Swipe (SXP)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
566.0 million
Total Supply
566.0 million
20.6 million
Market cap
229.4 million
Fun Name
Utility Token
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The Swipe Wallet has been designed to require Swipe Tokens SXP to perform all functions and utility of the Wallet including to use the services and to make withdraws...

Swipe Wallet Debit Card Processing System Banking Layer Compliance AI Pricing Module Liquidity Protocol Swipe Network SWIPE TECHNOLOGY STACK

Swipe Wallet

Swipe's wallet will be covered in our Guides tab, but an overview of its general functionallity can be found here.

  • Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies Users will be able to buy Cryptocurrencies directly within the Swipe Wallet after successfully verifying their account. They will be able to purchase all supported cryptocurrencies with their linked bank accounts, stablecoins, or their fiat wallets. Purchases done via stablecoins and fiat wallets will have instant settlement, while purchases made via bank accounts will vary based on the user’s bank. 
  • Exchange System: Users will have the ability to exchange any supported cryptocurrency or fiat currency to another with instant settlement. This is provided through a combination of features in the Swipe Network directly into the users Swipe Wallet account. Gift Cards: Users will be able to use any supported cryptocurrency or fiat currency to pay for digital gift cards directly within the Swipe Wallet. These services are regional and will depend on the user’s country to be eligible for this service. Swipe will work on bringing more regions online. 
  • Crypto Data: Users have access to all supported cryptocurrency data and charts directly within the Swipe Wallet. These features will allow users to have full insight on the cryptocurrencies that Swipe Wallet supports with charts, circulating supply, total supply, daily volume, and more for each cryptocurrency.

Debit Card Processing System

This part of the Swipe Nework is essential to operating the Debit Card connected to the Swipe Wallet. This system allows users to control their debit card directly from the Swipe Wallet and link it to the cryptocurrency they plan to spend which will be converted at point-of-sale in real time. It will also support the issuance of virtual and physical cards with the adding to Apple and Google Pay digital wallets. 

Banking Layer

The Swipe Wallet is powered by a backend banking layer to give users access to multi-currency banking systems. Have this banking layer built into the Swipe Network we are able to o!er users crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto services through our banking networks and providers. These services can be used to make Wire/SEPA payments and local payment channels like ACH where available. 

Compliance AI

The Compliance Artificial Intelligence (CAI) is a system Swipe built from the ground up to ensure it meets all regulatory rules and procedures while ensuring smooth userexperience and user safety. CAI processes a series of fraud and risk rules to ensure frequently transactions and high-risk transactions are being blocked with geo-location features. CAI is also responsible for real-time automatic KYC directly built into the Swipe Wallet and connected via the Swipe Network to various global KYC providers.

Pricing Module

This system provides Swipe Wallet users with the best pricing available in the market which is sourced from the most liquid exchanges and OTC providers in the industry via our Swipe Network. When an order is executed it will source the best price available in real-time.

Liquidity Protocol

The purpose of the Liquidity Protocol is to connect the Swipe Network to its exchange and OTC providers with a real time engine designated to source conversions and orders appropriately to the best platform to ensure the lowest slippage of any size order.

Swipe Network

The Swipe Network is a proprietary system designed by Swipe to provide real time market data, prices, and liquidity for cryptocurrencies and within seconds convert them to local fiat being used on the Swipe Wallet or Swipe Card. The Swipe Network is also responsible for the interoperability of the Swipe product line. There will be both on-chain and off-chain versions of this protocol.


The Swipe Stack is the short-word used to describe the ecosystem and infrastructure designed by Swipe to o!er its services to users worldwide through its product line. With a platform built from the ground up in stealth over the course of mid 2018 to present day, Swipe has positioned itself with a highly-scalable system designed with security and performance to o!er a unique payments experience for everyone. When the Swipe Stack was designed, it was architected with a forward-thinking model. The model we employ utilizes a cloudbased microservice and infrastructure. This enables us to run services that have their own specific responsibility and can be easily maintained, updated, and duplicated without lengthy downtime. The platform overall will regularly go through penetration testing and audited while maintaining PCI DSS Level 1 Certification and SOC type II certification that will give Swipe the gold standard of infrastructure security for its userbase. 


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Swipe Wallet

Luckily, Swipe is one of those projects that have a great one stop solution wallet integrated within their ecosystem.

The Swipe Wallet has been architected and designed to offer users an unparalleled user experience and on-boarding process to mitigate any issues of use. The original availability of the Swipe Wallet will be on the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play Store for iPhone and Android based devices. It will give users the options to buy, sell, store, spend, and pay with cryptocurrencies while giving them market data, news, and insight for all supported assets on the platform.