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TenX (PAY) is a payment platform that has a wallet, physical debit cards, bank accounts, ATM access through Blockchain technology.

Our Joke Name

TenX = Easy Spend

Basic Intro

Link to the main website

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Exchange Ticker (PAY)

Coin or Token

Circulating Supply (110 Million)

Total Supply (205 Million)

Block time (Under 60 seconds)

Market Cap Ranking


TenX (PAY) is a payment platform that has a wallet, physical debit cards, bank accounts, ATM access through Blockchain technology. TenX aims to make cryptocurrencies useful in a daily person’s life by being able to purchase basically anything with cryptocurrency easily. TenX is also built on the Comit Network which is said to be a payment system with no financial transaction fees involved. The white paper can be viewed at https://bit.ly/2zU1VBy (51 Pages PDF).

Key Features

  • How does TenX work?
  • What’s the Comit Network?
  • Slow Progress

How does TenX work?

The main purpose of TenX is to enable free spending and better exchange rate fees. To join the TenX platform you will need to download the TenX wallet which is available on the Google play store or desktop software as of now. The wallet/platform supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and any ERC-20 token on the current market. Once the wallet has been the setup you can start exchanging Blockchain assets that can be used in our day to day lives. Another key feature to note is the security is decentralized which is based on smart contracts which also’s users to change security settings such as daily limits, deposits, withdrawals and more.

What’s the Comit Network?

The Comit Network is essentially a cryptographically secure off-chain multi-asset instant transaction network. It provides frictionless and cheap payments for users worldwide as well as global access removing any limitations to assets connected to the blockchain. Without the Comit Network, TenX would be nowhere near the place it is in the current market as it wouldn’t have the same smooth transaction network.

Slow Progress

Overall TenX hasn’t made much progress this year according to their website they haven’t accomplished any of the roadmap goals set for this term. However, I must commend them on keeping multiple social media sites such as Blogs, Reddit, YouTube and Twitter active which is key as they are engaging with the community. Back to the point at the current rate of progress I wouldn’t except the project to be finished for at least another three years as they have a lot of work/features to accomplish.


Overall TenX has had quite the impact on the current market as currently they are ranked around 80. The concept of the company physical card and a virtual card that link together is quite interesting but doesn’t have much detail about the security/measures taken for a breach of the user’s sum of money. If the project can include more details and speed up the progress we could see some movement bringing them into the top fifty in the market otherwise it’s likely to be a slow grind.


  • Good exchange rate
  • security settings


  • Slow development
  • Not achieved road map
  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)