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Ternio is a digital advertising platform based on Blockchain technology. Ternio aims to make its platform easy to verify users, pay publishers and prevent advertising fraud...
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Ternio's current price is $0.000 USD. In the past 24 hours, Ternio's price has increased by +9.7 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Ternio (TERN)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
432.9 million
Total Supply
1.0 billion
Market cap
1.6 million
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  • Great concept
  • Solves advertising problems


  • Not commonly known
  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)


Ternio is a digital advertising platform based on Blockchain technology. Ternio aims to make its platform easy to verify users, pay publishers and prevent advertising fraud in order to improve the efficiency among all parties that take part in digital advertising as a whole. The platform relies on its own token called TERN in order to allow for such improvements to be made. The name Ternio means “A series of there” which refers to three main groups in the digital advertising ecosystem which are users, publishers, and advertisers. The white paper for can be viewed at https://bit.ly/2O2PWo3 (32 Pages PDF).

  • How Does Ternio Work?
  • How Does Ternio Tokens Work?
  • Problems Ternio Aiming to Solve

In order for Ternio to work it relies on a Blockchain platform called Lexicon which is basically used as a ledger system for everyone in the digital advertising ecosystem. It also maintains contacts between publishers, advertisers and everyone else. The blockchain also relies on Ternio nodes to process transactions quickly they sign, verify and hold contacts for a period of twenty-four hours. All Lexicon Blockchain records in each node are wiped after a twenty-four hour period. Finally, there is a communication layer that allows for communication between Ternio, the publisher, advertiser and the platforms fraud detection system.

Ternio Tokens (TERN) which are used as the main method of exchange on the Ternio platform. Publishers and other companies in the advertising supply chain receive free TERN tokens through transactions which involve selling their traffic to advertisers in exchange for a certain amount of TERN as value. Users are free to do whatever they want with TERN tokens they can cash out and exchange them for another currency or use them for goods or services, basically like any other cryptocurrency.

Ternio’s white paper states several major problems that happen daily in the advertising industry as a whole. These problems are such as Lack of Transparency, Domain Fraud, Bot Traffic and Lengthy payment schemes. Basically, the platform is aiming to make it easy for advertisers, publishers, and users to connect in a safe fraud-free environment with verified users to remove Bot Traffic or potential scams.


Overall Ternio is addressing an issue that is not commonly known by many people around the world which makes the project so unique it is one of a kind. However, that might limit its growth since it’s part of a niche that isn’t quite huge in the crypto related scene it may struggle to rise in the ranks. Otherwise, Ternio is doing something really great as they have only really come out of being an ICO not too long and shows they aren’t in it for the money but instead to improve an industry that seems to be lacking.


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