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THEKEY (TKY) - But No Lock

THEKEY (TKY) aims to become a decentralized ecosystem for an identification tool that uses blockchain technology and national data. The tool is planned to use personally identifiab..
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THEKEY's current price is $0.000 USD. In the past 24 hours, THEKEY's price has decreased by 0.0 percents..
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5.1 billion
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9.8 billion
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But No Lock
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  • Lots of Red flags
  • Possible scam
  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)


THEKEY (TKY) aims to become a decentralized ecosystem for an identification tool that uses blockchain technology and national data. The tool is planned to use personally identifiable information that has been authorized by national government authorities. Currently, nothing has been released and the most progress they have so-called made is having the headquarters established in Singapore yet does not state an address or local area this was found on a dodgy road map that is deceiving in saying the mainet has launched which is false going from future to the past. The white paper can be viewed at

  • Red flags
  • No open-source information
  • Small website
  • No mention of awards

Red flags

THEKEY states they are currently working hard developing the tool but seems hard to seem true when there is no open-source information found on their website or social media updates.

Another red flag which was quite obvious to me was the website it was very small and did not state how it works or anything it only shows more team members and partnerships than actual information about what the project offers which has been seen in previous scam coins in order to lure new traders into buying in because they have huge partnerships.

Also homepage of the website has multiple redirects, this indicates bad website development.

They also state “The Most Commercial Valuable Project of the Year, 2017, All-China Women’s Federation” yet when browsing the All-China Women’s Federation website award winners there was no mention of THEKEY, again another lure for new traders to buy in potentially.

Also it states their CEO Catherine Li was awarded ten most influential women of the year but again when browsing through the winners her name was not mentioned however on various forums articles were made up about her winning the award seems very suspicious all articles I could find were posted within three minutes of each other exactly and three of them were identical but posted on different websites.

Lastly, the major red flag for me was their team consists of only seven members with one team member supposedly going to develop the tool all by himself which seems very off due to the huge workload required especially for one person to complete. However, all of this could just be a huge confidence but seems very unlikely due to multiple areas they do however seem to have a partnership with NEO that seems somewhat true however couldn’t find an official statement from NEO on their website or social media.


Overall THEKEY (TKY) is very fishy with only key red flags mentioned I could also find over twenty more minor red flags that didn’t need to be mentioned due to my point being proven. In turn be very careful of this project due to false and no open-source information it is quite the risk, however, if you like losing money or little return this could be the project for you.


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