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Timicoin (TMC) Review, Price, Market Cap and more

Timicoin (TMC) - Health Information

Timicoin was engineered with the idea to provide a blockchain solution that will secure healthcare information within a health information exchange (HIE)...
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Timicoin (TMC)
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317.1 million
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317.1 million
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Health Information
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  • Working app


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Lots of completion
  • Limited exchanges


Timicoin was engineered with the idea to provide a blockchain solution that will secure healthcare information within a health information exchange (HIE). This will effectively deliver patient records in a consistent and real-time manner, only to be accessed via a smart contract after patient authorization. Timicoin’s Health Information Exchange will provide an optimized environment where health data is structured and secured, leading to better data utility and improved patient care outcome.

  • Privacy
  • TimiPatient App
  • Token

TimiCoin’s blockchain network never reveals the patient’s identity. Instead, it uses a unique identifier to distinguish between patients. When someone requests data from the network, the patient is notified via the TimiPatient App. 

The patient grants the permission to use their data, without revealing their identity. Without confirmation, the data on the network is encrypted and cannot be accessed. 

The TimiHealth ecosystem works by containing the medical data in a data repository called a data bucket. Data buckets will store health data from images to documents. The data buckets will provide health research institutions the tools for data mining. Advanced query tools for clinical research studies, text mining, and data analytic tools will provide institutions a powerful HIE experience.

The TimiPatient app is the center of the Timicoin ecosystem. The app provides multiple utility functions to patients connected to the TimiHR network. Some of the core features of the app include features like data sharing statistics, including how your data is being shared or used based on your previous authorizations, managing data access and connected providers who are multicasting their data, the ability to view updated health data in real-time, including sugar levels, disease information, and blood group, among other characteristics. 

The app can also be used to access real-time health monitoring information from smart devices connected to the TimiHR ecosystem and analyze the effectiveness of diagnoses and treatments, allowing patients to maintain a synchronized medical history from multiple healthcare facilities.

The TimiHealth Ecosystem will require the Timicoin Utility Token to process all services and data requests for patients, providers, and consumer organizations. Timi Access is the data request and management portal for the ecosystem. Timicoin is the utility token fuelling the TimiHealth Ecosystem.

To start off, there are already quite a few projects focused on the blockchain healthcare space that have been around for much longer and are much further in development when compared to the TimiHealth ecosystem, some already having big corporate users. Also, you can currently buy TimiCoin on only two small exchanges, which would explain why the project is relatively unknown.


To conclude, the TimiHealth ecosystem doesn’t have much going for it currently. It’s not a bad project or a scam overall, but there’s nothing particularly compelling about it either. They do have a working app, but they would need much more than that in order to find a place between its competitors.


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