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Wagerr is a cryptocurrency intended for a safe and secure method for betting on different sports. Wagerr will increase the ways to gamble on spots betting and with some nice features.

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Wagerr (WGR) = Sports Bets

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Wagerr is a cryptocurrency intended for a safe and secure method for betting on different sports. Betting worldwide is a three trillion dollar ( USD ) industry and Wagerr hopes to have a slice bit of that pie. With expenses as low as 2%, it’s rivaling bookmakers everywhere throughout the world, alongside extra highlights like making alliances. Designed for sports and was heavily marketed for the previous World Cup, Wagerr itself is a decentralized sports book that changes the way the world can place bets on their preferred sport. The white paper for Wagerr can be viewed at https://bit.ly/2BYf8IW (34 Pages PDF)

Key Features

  • Trustworthy
  • Easy Gambling
  • Less Competitive Market

Trustworthy Gambling

Bitcoin and different types of cryptocurrency work utilizing blockchain technology. The blockchain contains the calculations that make each coin and track every transaction, and it additionally contains the guidelines or contracts that run over the transactions themselves. Utilizing this blockchain framework, back end coders can adjust its principles and calculations to suit their very own needs. This is precisely what Wagerr did when they made their very own cryptocurrency for use on their site. Wagerr utilizes the technology to make and oversee broad betting contracts. It brings the wagers into escrow, checks the potential occasions outcomes, and pay the champs all consequently.

Easy Gambling

Since this blockchain framework wiped out the requirement for staff revision on each wager, Wagerr clients don’t need to manage some of issues related with sports betting. This lessens both the dangers for anybody to exploit. Even those new to the Wagerr site can figure out how to utilize their wallet to put down wagers and track results. You can invest in the Wagerr framework itself by working an Oracle, and on account of the idea of cryptocurrency any individual who has a small amount of Wagerr coins really holds a stake.

Less Competitive Market

As announced by NBA official Adam Silver, it is evaluated that in any event $400 billion is utilized to wrongfully bet on the results of brandishing occasions each year. This is one of the essential reasons that Wagerr is required. Many billions of dollars are wagered each year by a huge number of individuals. With Wagerr, these wagers can be put legitimately and without similar dangers and stresses. When you wager utilizing the black market, you need to put your trust in bookies or in unlawful sites that are gone through a concentrated expert who can exploit them or trick their clients. Regardless of whether these sources don’t simply flee with your cash.


Wagerr will increase the ways to gamble on spots betting and with some nice features. It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out throughout the following couple of years, while betting turns out to be all the more broadly authorized.


  • Smart betting


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • lots of similar tokens
  • Not Listed on over 10 exchanges