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WAX (WAX) - Worldwide Asset Exchange

WAX (WAX) is the name of the Worldwide Asset Exchange. It is a worldwide decentralized marketplace dedicated to virtual assets and mainly those related to video games...
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WAX's current price is $0.038 USD. In the past 24 hours, WAX's price has decreased by -3.9 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
837.2 million
Total Supply
3.8 billion
Market cap
31.9 million
Fun Name
Worldwide Asset Exchange
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  • Exchange
  • Virtual store
  • Big Market


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)


WAX (WAX) is the name of the Worldwide Asset Exchange. It is a worldwide decentralized marketplace dedicated to virtual assets and mainly those related to video games. The nice thing about using the WAX (WAX) platform is it is completely decentralized. This in turn ensures that anyone can run a completely functional virtual marketplace without needing to invest in costly payment processing or infrastructure. There is also no need to pay for security.

  • Run by people who created OPSkins
  • Create your own virtual store
  • Attracting millions of customers

The people who run the WAX (WAX) platform is the same one that also runs OPSkins, which as everybody knows happens to be the best marketplace for assets related to Internet based video games. WAX (WAX) was created to serve over four hundred million players who are already using in-game items and who buy and sell as well as collect them.

Thanks to the WAX (WAX) platform, now millions of traders can create their own virtual stores on just one decentralized platform. The nice thing is that each and every one of these virtual stores are able to make the most of the trust services and security as well as instant payments and in doing so can attract millions of new people to this evolving ecosystem.

The people behind the creation of WAX (WAX) are those who have already developed OPSkins. Since OPSkins has succeeded and has millions of customers spread over almost one hundred countries, it is much in demand among those who want to make purchases online. OPSkins happens to be decentralized and this is exactly what its founders wanted as they understood that there would be tremendous potential for growth. Since the platform is decentralized, users have total control over their activities and this is what will attract them to sites like OPSkins and WAX (WAX),

To exchange virtual goods on WAX (WAX), users will have to make use of WAX tokens. The nice thing is these tokens can also be used outside the WAX (WAX) platform. This platform serves as a worldwide repository for virtual items that anyone anywhere can access. As with other blockchains, this one is also accessible to everyone. Using this platform ensures that you can gain access to a complete worldwide market and take advantage of blockchain technology.

To become a part of the WAX (WAX) platform, you will need to become a Store Owner who operates his or her own virtual item marketplace. In addition, users can also join or start Guilds with which to oversee as well as manage transactions for particular game servers or games.


The WAX (WAX) platform is designed to help and benefit anyone who performs transactions for Internet-based video game assets. This platform also allows for payment processing and infrastructure as well as security. As this platform develops further, it will grow and flourish even more.


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