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Whitecoin offers a worldwide blockchain which is focused on cyber security and faster payments as well as secure communications.

Joke Name

WhiteCoin = Old n Safe

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Exchange Ticker (XWC)

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Circulating Supply (250 Million)

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Whitecoin is a cryptocurrency that is designed to overcome issues related to obscurity as well as tenacity that is currently existing in the Internet business.

The Whitecoin platform makes use of a trustless exchange model whose main aim is to permit network members to consistently exchange goods or services almost anonymously. At the same time, Whitecoin is also influencing the use of companion to review protocol along with a no-cost consensus model whose main benefit is it helps to promote swarm sourcing as well as admin initiatives. What’s more, this platform also follows a root order to encourage to remain independent as well as computerized.

Key Features

  • Whitecoin goals
  • Use of peer review protocol
  • Use many services

Whitecoin goals

The goal of Whitecoin is to close the gap between anonymity and persistent identity that is currently the norm in the e-commerce space. With Whitecoin, it is possible to use trustless exchanges to allow participants in the network to seamlessly trade in goods or services without needing to know anybody’s identity.

Use of peer review protocol

What’s more, Whitecoin also uses a peer review protocol which is combined with a loose consensus model that fosters crowd-sourcing and leadership initiatives. Even better, Whitecoin also follows a root mandate whose goal is to help it remain automated as well as fully independent.

Use many services

With Whitecoin, users are able to use a number of services that can help facilitate daily monetary transactions. Also, it brings people together from a wide array of domains including but not limited to code development and web development as well as marketing.

Whitecoin also supports many different currencies including those that are fiat monies as well as digital currencies. It also works as a not-for-profit foundation whose goal is to distribute financial resources on the network in a very transparent way. The nice thing about choosing Whitecoin is that it uses a scalable network that is capable of easily incorporating future innovations. It also has a UI that is very effective in spite of being very simple.


Whitecoin offers an established decentralized worldwide blockchain which is focused on cyber security and faster payments as well as secure communications. These features, when combined with the Whitecoin platform’s dedicated community of supporters make it a very interesting prospect.


  • Trustless exchange
  • Peer review protocol
  • Fast


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)