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As probably the most robust challenge, mass adoption of cryptocurrency could make or break Wixlar. While there is no idea on whether Wixlar could outlive its initial phase, it i..

Basic Intro

Name (Ticker)
Wixlar (WIX)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
1.0 billion
Total Supply
1.0 billion
Volume (24H)
15.4 million
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Payment Features
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WIXLAR is a decentralized cryptocurrency that will work to serve over 12 services to a broad category of users such as the public, companies, and individuals.

The cryptocurrency will work under the WIXLAR platform from where users get to trade in products and services through an offline and online system.

Also, the decentralized network will improvise the WIXLAR API to utilize Wixlar coins as the primary mode of payment for the platform.



If you are an everyday merchant, Wixlar stands to provide a range of benefits. Additionally, the average customer gets to gain as part of the ecosystem. Here is what the services could offer you:

  • Convenience due to the use of applications and rate of transactions
  • Speedy payments
  • Secure, instant and low fee transactions
  • Seamless connection to buyers and sellers
  • Wixlar TV will broadcast and live stream the latest information in the technology and business sector

Digital Payments App

To achieve the provision and payments, WIXLAR plans on incorporating different services to serve the users. These features services will include:

Wixlar Wallet- users, will hold their Wixlar coins in a secure wallet on their devices be it a computer, phone, laptop or tablet. The portfolio is available for download for several systems including Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android

MasterCard- Wixlar will have a Global MasterCard to allow coin holders to convert their digital currency into fiat and withdraw from any ATM

Exchanges- the Wixlar coin is also exchangeable with different fiat currencies on different exchange portals

Smart Contracts- users with their own companies or groups looking for intelligent contracts can get to create their version of digital assets and shares

Credit letter- transactions between buyers and sellers, will include a verification letter to confirm the process.

E-commerce portal-get to buy technology products from Wixlar’s E-shop

Rewards-users can also earn free Wixlar coins by completing an easy task.

Freelancing-freelancers also get a global online marketplace to sell their service to a worldwide customer audience