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Xaurum (XAUR)

Xaurum (XAUR) - Gold Token

Xaurum is a representative crypto currency based on an increasing amount of gold. It is designed as a store of value on the ledger, and uses distribution of profit of money creatio..
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Xaurum's current price is $0.030 USD. In the past 24 hours, Xaurum's price has increased by +17.1 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Xaurum (XAUR)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
71.2 million
Total Supply
71.2 million
Market cap
2.3 million
Fun Name
Gold Token
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  • Possible gold backing


  • Possible masternodes scam
  • Likely not gold gold backed
  • Limited exchanges
  • Poorly written whitepaper


Xaurum is a representative cryptocurrency based on an increasing amount of gold. It is designed as a store of value on the ledger, and uses distribution of profit of money creation (seigniorage) to achieve its goal. Regardless of the technology of its implementation, Xaurum could be summed up as an economic game with the next economic agents: the commonwealth gold reserves, traders, users, money creators, money destroyers and the foundation. Increase of the commonwealth gold provides the basis of unity of interests of all economic agents, this is the main systemic function of seigniorage, its other functions are used to regulate the particularity of the interests of economic agents into unity.

  • Gold-Backed
  • How it works
  • Masternodes

Xaurum’s value is based on gold and is exchangeable for gold. The company mentions 1g of 99.99% pure gold. However, they also mention that their gold supplies are continuously increasing – so it’s unclear if each Xaurum is currently linked to that value, or if that value is going up or down with the money supply.

Xaurum is special among digital forms of money. The money accompanies a financial approach. That fiscal strategy, according to the Xaurum whitepaper, is planned “to sustain the normal interest by increasing the republic.” The “federation”, or, in other words spelled as “District” on the authority Xaurum site, includes gold saves that fill in as the premise of Xaurum’s esteem. As the estimation of the ward increases, the estimation of Xaurum will normally rise.

At last, Xaurum is a delegate cryptocurrency based on an increasing supply of gold. It’s planned first as a storer of significant worth.

The cash uses distribution of seigniorage to accomplish its goal of becoming a store of significant worth. The essential goal of the seigniorage system is to increase the supply of gold behind Xaurum. Alternate goals of the seigniorage system include “regulating the identity of the interests of monetary operators into solidarity.”

Minting requires a Masternode, ownership of 8.000.000 Xaurum as the proof and assurance of the regular interest that the Xaurum federation requires. Because minter has 8.000.000 Xaurum, he has the good of the entire in mind, as he benefits both from the increase of the district and from seigniorage. It is thusly in his interest to sustain the market price both to keep profitingfrom seigniorage and for district to benefit him straightforwardly.

Xaurum just works in manners that are consistent with enactment and promoters for strengthening direction, which will give lower chance and simplify access to crypto. Following these principles is important to guarantee the longevity of the project and these endeavors take some time.

To start off, Xaurum’s whitepaper is very poorly written and doesn’t do the project a favor, presenting in in an unprofessional manner. Furthermore, when it comes to its structure and technology, it is very unclear and confusing, users have to mine altcoins and do some sort of a weird exchange for the native token instead of mining XAUR directly.


Xaurum is a cryptocurrency and blockchain project that bases its incentive off the estimation of real gold. It’s a benefit sponsored cryptocurrency. There are some strange things about Xaurum, which may be the case as to why it’s so relatively unpopular.


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